The N.A.T.W. Crew

I’m HiroTheGeek a.k.a. Desmond Robinson and I’m the co-creator, co-host, site manager and resident nerd gatherer of this site Nerds Against the World,  I created this idea with my best friend WZRD Ray and we’re semi dedicated in bringing you the most awesome news, events and sometimes anything nerd related. This little gem of the internet started as a series of video blogs chronicling bloggers of the world.  As hosts me and LeRay “WZRD Ray” Williams had the idea to do a series was trying to help bring the online social blogging community together and to let new and current bloggers know who’s out there and who you should  checkout and follow.

Old School NATW Crew
Old School NATW (Army of Two)

Now we’re back! This time with fellow writers and friends: Benita “The Harley Quinn”Levario, Summer Doster, Robert Jenkins, Leticia Bridget Carrasco, and Jill “LadyWarden” Bergdahl. We here at Nerds Against The World are true to form nerds, geeks, fanboy/girls, Whovians, Whedonites, whatever gets your nerd motors revving you can be sure we’ll cover it. So if you’re new to the nerd world you’ll be taken care of, and don’t worry we don’t discriminate its all about the nerd love.

New NATW Crew
New NATW Crew

See were the most non threatening group in the whole globe.


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