Top Five Anticipated PS4 Games for E3

Hello fellow nerds! E3 is just right around the corner, and I’m sick of playing the same handful of PS4 games so I’m sharing my top five most anticipated PS4 games for E3. I currently own and play (Not including indie titles or free Plus games) Killzone: Shadow Fall, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and AC: Black Flag. I have a lot of shooters because I spend most of my game time playing with my friends, but my E3 list here doesn’t include the next stale COD or Battlefield game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition- Well if you’ve listened to any of our awesome Nerds Against the World podcasts, then you’ll know that we love our Bioware games. Inquisition looks absolutely breathtaking and Bioware has never disappointed me in the quality of their games. Lately, I’ve been so disgusted with shooters that I turn off my PS4 and play Dragon Age 2 on my PS3. So bring on the dragons in Inquisition!

DA Inquisition 2 NATW

The Division- This game has had me excited since last year’s E3. I love shooters (normally) co-op, survival, and RPGs so this game intrigued me by having all of those elements. Sadly, the game was delayed and we haven’t seen a whole lot about it except showing off the beautiful graphics with the new Snowdrop engine.

The Division NATW

Far Cry 4- I loved playing Far Cry 3 on PS3 so much that I squealed like a school girl at the announcement of Far Cry 4. I would love for this game to be co-op, but at the very least I hope they bring back the separate co-op missions. All I ask of the co-op missions is to improve the checkpoint system. Playing on veteran difficulty proved frustrating when I would die over half way through the mission, and I got sent back to the beginning of the mission when I thought I hit a checkpoint.

FarCry 4 NATW

Dying Light- Simply because I am a sucker for zombie games. I love the RE series, Dead Island, Dead Rising, Left for Dead… the list goes on and on. Now give me next gen zombies in an open world environment!

Dying Light NATW

A new Fallout game- While all the other games on my list are confirmed to exist, this game is on my list because I feel hopeful that a next gen Fallout game is coming. Fallout 3 is still one of my favorite games of all time, and I really hope that Bethesda hears my cries! Give me a next gen wasteland!!!

Fallout NATW

HONORABLE MENTION- Mass Effect 4. I fought a huge internal battle of which game should make the list, but Fallout seemed more pressing. We’ve seen teases that show us ME4 is coming, and Fallout is still wishful thinking at this point. I’d love to see both games at E3 this year.

What are your top five picks?

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5 thoughts on “Top Five Anticipated PS4 Games for E3

  1. For me, the only next gen game that I’m looking forward is The Witcher 3. That’s the game that it’s going to make me buy a PS4.

  2. #5:New Uncharted I’m a big fan of the uncharted series, rich stories, amazing characters and good gameplay mechanics. Seeing how the series showcased the power of the ps3, i would love to see what they can do with new gen.
    #4:New Fallout Let’s be honest everyone is itching for a new fallout. With the new consoles out, they sure could use a big title to draw more attention. What better way than to have the new fallout exclusively for new gen.
    #3:Doom 4 I’ve been a fan of doom since i saw next door neighbor play it on the snes. The grandfather of fps needs to make a comeback. With the new wolfenstein out its time to let the demon out of the box.
    #2:Batman Arkham Knight. Batman has had it share for the worst games ever. Rocksteady changed that with arkham asylum. With the epic conclusion of rocksteady’s franchise coming exclusively on next gen consoles. It should be interesting to see the improvements were made to the series.
    #1:The Last Guardian: Now i know its not as big as fallout but this has been rumored to appear at every E3 since its reveal. Nothing has been shown besides that its not canceled. Anything can happen at E3. Everyone thought FF versus was canceled but instead turned out to be FFXV. One thing for sure if the game is indeed still in development chances are we be a ps4 exclusive.

  3. Yeah if The Last Guardian doesn’t appear soon, everyone is going to lose all hope on that game lol. I wonder what could delay something for so many years.

    1. Yeah that and beyond good & evil 2 have been majorly delayed. Still i guess some developers feel they need more time to make the games more enjoyable or maybe just for the looks like haze (god what an awful ps3 launch title)

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