Nerd’s Against the World Spotlight: Amanda Properzi

Hello fellow Nerds and Nerdettes! On this edition of the Nerd’s Against the World spotlight, I travel back to Canada and chat with rising artist Amanda Properzi(a.k.a. Panditty) We discussed how’d she got into drawing and who was her inspiration, we also get little peeks through out this article on her art style. Enjoy!

HiroTheGeek: Hey Amanda! So to start off, what part of the world you’re from fellow nerd?

Amanda: Winterfell, Canada…….(Alberta, Canada)

HiroTheGeek: (Laughs) Is is always cold up in the north?

Amanda: Not always, we get about 8 months of winter though – and usually March is when we become embittered and forget what’s it’s like to go outside and not have the wind hurt your face. The only benefit is we get to lord over all things winter and whenever someone complains about the cold we immediately pounce and tell them that they don’t know cold.

HiroTheGeek: Yeah I’m glad I’m in warmer weather (laughs)

Amanda: Lucky!!

HiroTheGeek: Since we’re spotlighting you and your work in art. What got you into drawing?

Amanda: I can’t tell you exactly when it started because I feel like I’ve always been drawing. In fact, after I got over wanting to be a Ninja Turtle, I wanted to be an artist. Somewhere along the way, I gave up on wanting to be an artist but I never stopped making art. I got a BA in Japanese and went to live in Japan. Part of the reason I left, was because I was feeling really lost. While I was there, some online friends convinced me to buy a tablet and the rest is history.

Pillow Fort

Amanda: It felt so right! I think it was that isolation and being in unknown territory that led me to find what was comfortable – which turned out to be art.

HiroTheGeek: While in Japan in all that isolation, was there anything specific that inspired you, In terms of art?

Amanda: Nothing in Japan per se, but as a result, I met a lot of inspiring people on the Internet.

HiroTheGeek: The power of the internet (laughs)

Amanda: Yeah, man!

HiroTheGeek: I’ve noticed in your drawings you also ink your own drawings. it’s rare for an artist to do both, is it easier for you to do everything in hand or Photoshop illustrator?

Amanda: When I started to focus on improving my art, I did everything in Photoshop. Now I’m trying to branch out and get better at penciling and inking by hand. I find now I have a preference for inking by hand with a brush pen. It looks more natural and organic to me – but you can do some pretty awesome stuff with digital brushes now!

Slender Hugs

Amanda: In doing so, my digital art has suffered. (laughs), I just can’t win! I need more hours in the day.

HiroTheGeek: We all need more hours in the day. (laughs) Your art style is the most unique most style I’ve seen. Have you thought about going into animation?

Amanda:That’s really flattering! I’d love to and have definitely thought about it.

HiroTheGeek: I know it’s a tough field of work to get into, have you ever look into it?

Amanda: Nothing past perhaps going to school for it and just playing around with creating animate gifs.

Space Bear!

HiroTheGeek: Working on anything now? Or do you have to kill me to know. (laughs)

Amanda: I have a few projects on the go! I’ll definitely post about them on twitter as they become more fleshed out.

HiroTheGeek: With comic book conventions coming up ever thought about setting yourself up at artist alley?

Amanda: Actually last year I had a booth at Edmonton Expo and I will have a booth again this year. It’s a great experience!

HiroTheGeek: Awesome! Finally if anyone would like to see more of your art were can they go? And how can fellow nerds find you?

Amanda: You can find me at and @panditty on twitter

HiroTheGeek: Awesome and thanks Amanda for taking part in this.

Amanda: Thanks!

For more of Amanda Properzi you can also follow her on tumblr at amandaproperzi. Plus be sure to catch us on Facebook: Nerds Against the World and follow us on Twitter @NerdsVsWorld.



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