Kick Start Your Weekend With Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars movie promo

Marshmallows everywhere rejoiced this weekend! And in case you don’t know what that means, I’ll tell go ahead and tell you. Friday was the release of the insanely successful, controversial Kickstarter funded, fanatical return of Veronica Mars. The fans call themselves Marshmallows, and this movie was made for them. Okay well it was made for anyone, but mostly it was made for the fan base of the Veronica Mars TV series.

Fans dumped their spare change or perhaps even life savings (Somewhere I’m sure some overly passionate fan must have emptied their piggy bank) into the Kickstarter that revived the character of Veronica Mars (played by the adorable Kristen Bell) for a feature film. Did the film deliver for the fans? Speaking as a fan, hell yes it most definitely did. Can anyone enjoy this film without prior knowledge of the awesomeness of V. Mars? Yes I believe they can. Without knowing the awesomeness and past storylines of all of the returning characters, viewers can still enjoy this film as it is still a stand-alone story.

Veronica Mars EW

The reason that I fell in love with Veronica Mars on television was the witty almost-Whedonesque style dialogue. I’m happy to report that the movie dialogue is no different. The entire formula of the movie is so similar to that of the show, which makes it like a movie length extension of the show. The loveable characters, witty dialogue, Neptune vendettas and mystery are all present. It’s great to see the development of some of our favorite characters, while funny to see the expected lack of development in others. Yes Dick Casablancas, I’m mostly talking about you!

While I mentioned that anyone can enjoy the stand alone story, fans will enjoy the abundance of well-placed references and tie-ins to the show. The Veronica Mars movie is much like what Serenity offered the fans of Firefly—a great movie experience that can either be closure or a ticket to revisit the world of everyone’s favorite detective. To make things short, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell don’t disappoint with this
film. Go see it now!

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