Don’t Starve: How Long Can You Last?

Don’t Starve arrived on PlayStation 4 yesterday as free to play for Plus subscribers. I was excited to take this game for a spin because I am a fan of Minecraft. While it has some of the basic principles of Mojang’s Minecraft formula, there are notable differences.

Dont starve

Don’t Starve looks good visually and the theme gives you a cute and twisted Tim Burton feel. The music wasn’t bad, but honestly I ended up turning it down and tuning it out. The controls were decent, but there’s no tutorial so it’s basically just a guessing game.

Trophy hunters may be disappointed that not only is there not a platinum trophy, but also lacks any fun or creative trophies. Most trophies are just unlocking the different playable characters in the game. You seem to unlock characters based off how long you can survive.

There are monsters just like you would encounter in Minecraft, and the game starts you off in a creepy forest with one basic goal-to survive the night. The sad but challenging difference in the two games, is there’s no respawn in Don’t Starve. Once you die, all progress is lost and you must start completely over. This is a fun challenge to work for until you actually die and realize how permanent death is in the game. My first attempt I played cautiously, but still only lasted ten days. Just thinking about starting over was discouraging and I didn’t restart right away. This is a fun game to play when I have some free time to kill, but not a game I’d lose myself in for an entire day or evening.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Starve: How Long Can You Last?

    1. Yeah it can be discouraging. Level 17 is as far as I get before I press my luck with the monsters. I’ll have tons of gold and gems, yet never get to use it all. Shame lol

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