The Alliance: Bloodlines FREE Book Giveaway

Happy New Year fellow Nerds and Nerdettes!!! Nerds Against the World’s very own Summer Doster (krazySlayer187) has published her very first novel! The Alliance: Bloodlines it’s an YA (Young Adult) urban fantasy novel that can be enjoyed by both teens and adults. The story is centered on a group of outcasts that all have become affected by a supernatural elements that plague their city. The group must also learn to work together and learn the important lesson of self-acceptance.


For more about our very own author and the novel, you can visit her website or follow on Facebook to stay updated at SeDoster.

Looking to purchase the novel as well? You can find it on Amazon just search The Alliance: Bloodlines (Or click the link)  Check out the five star reviews for Bloodlines and see what readers are saying!

Strapped for cash thanks to the holidays? Then head over to Goodreads and become a member. Don’t worry it’s free to join! Visit the book’s page here: Goodreads: The Alliance. While you’re on Goodreads be sure to scroll down to where it says: Enter to win a copy of this book. It’s just a simple click and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a signed copy! While you’re on the page, add the book to your “Want to Read” or “Read” list to show your support for Bloodlines!

Don’t forget to share with friends and family! Show your support for a new author.


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