PS4 First Impressions

Hello fellow nerds and nerdettes! So Christmas came early for a lot of gamers who were able to score a PS4 at launch. I ordered my console bundle from Amazon and it arrived on launch day. Everything came packed in a package about the size a laptop would come in. The console itself could be described as a sleek, sexy, and sophisticated piece of Sony technology. Whew, that was a lot of Ss.


It was a quick and easy setup. However, I did have a 1.5 hour wait to login due to psn crashing and a flood of people trying to login. I was able to download and play games with little issues on day one. My other issue after login was that the store kept crashing for me so I had to wait to enter my psn codes later that evening. I felt I was pretty patient and too excited to really be mad at the little details. I was playing online games with my friends by midnight.

The weekend was a little frustrating with chat volume issues, but those seemed to be resolved on Monday. I was able to play Call of Duty: Ghosts with absolutely no issues that normally plague a new COD release. (No party issues, lag, or connection problems) And all the other games that I’ve tried have been running pretty smoothly as well. I tried out as many games and feature as I could and here is the full the breakdown…

I am enjoying the new interface for PS4 and the new party chat system. It’s great to be able to stay on my game and still go into settings and other options. Everything moves smooth and lacks the laggy frustration of the PS3 XMB. Messages from friends can easily be read with a click of a button, no matter what you are currently doing on your PS4. However, the one thing missing is an option to “delete all” for your messages and notifications. I hope Sony addresses that in a patch soon because it can be irritating to delete messages one by one after a day of chatting with friends. The notifications don’t disappear when you accept game and chat invites so those are also left to be deleted one at a time.

In my opinion the DualShock 4 is still an unattractive controller, but it feels completely sexy in my hands. It truly is an ergonomically superior controller. I love that I can play games for hours and it never becomes uncomfortable to hold. The triggers feel great for shooters unlike the R2 & L2 buttons on the DualShock 3. The Options button is literally just a Start button that’s been renamed Options lol. The touchpad hasn’t had much use for me except to tap and bring up a scoreboard in game. Of course the touchpad is large so it is easy to reach and tap quickly in a heated match of Call of Duty, but I’d like to see more use for it in the future.


The mono chat headset that comes included with console is not quite as useless as the wasted plastic that came packaged with Xbox 360s. I know several friends who are using the ear bud chat device since their previous headset was not compatible. I can hear them pretty clearly with only minor feedback/background noise.

As for the Vita connectivity, I found the remote play option to be fully functional. It can easily be linked with your PS4 to use as a controller or to play your PS4 games. The Vita navigates around on the PS4 just as smoothly as your DualShock4 would. I tried a few games with the remote play feature. Resogun played quite well, but for FPS games I found it to be slightly less desirable. The games look just as fantastic on the Vita screen, but didn’t quite feel comfortable with the controls. I prefer my DualShock4 for more precise FPS aiming, and because it obviously lacks the same button options as the controller.

I linked my PS4 with my Twitch account and tested out the streaming capabilities. Sony has made it unbelievably easy to stream your gameplay. Now that my account is linked, it is literally just a push of the Share button to live stream my game. The feedback that I got from viewers was mostly all positive, and with my wired connection I didn’t experience any in game lag. Of course that will all depend on the awesomeness of your internet connection.

Overall I think the PS4 launch was a great success. I know I was thankful not to have experienced any of the major problems that were reported by other gamers, but those numbers seem relatively small compared to the number of PS4s sold. This was my first launch console, but I already assumed that there would be some issues with a major console launch like this. With a 5 star rating I would give Sony’s PS4 launch a well deserved 4.


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