Marvel Unlimited Plus: Is it a Deal?

As much as I love to read print, I found that it would get a lot more comics for my money if I just gave in and purchased a digital subscription. I received money for my Birthday to pay for a year subscription to Marvel Unlimited Plus. Woohoo! Now Marvel has a few options for those wanting to try a digital subscription. You can test drive Marvel Unlimited for $9.99 a month or choose an annual subscription starting at $69 a year for the basic annual subscription.

I purchased the Plus subscription for $99 which comes with the annual digital subscription, a limited edition Hasbro 6” Variant Ultron figure, an exclusive variant copy of AGE OF ULTRON #10, and a personalized member card packaged in a beautiful comic box with Age of Ultron art. You also receive discounts at as well as digital purchases.

The box art really is beautiful!
The box art really is beautiful!


Marvel boasts that it currently has over 13,000 comics available for readers on Marvel Unlimited. The selection is great and includes both classic and newly released comics. They even have a mobile app so you can read your comics anywhere and on the go!

I do have a few complaints with the subscription. You have a “library” where you can add issues on your reading list. I can only seem to add individual issues, which means if I want to add a series, I must add each individual issue of that series. One by frakking one. Also once I finish reading an issue, if I want to continue with the next issue in the series, I must go back and search for that issue. It needs a feature to automatically recommend the next issue in a series.

There definitely are some improvements that could be made to make it more user friendly, but overall Marvel Unlimited seems to be a great deal if you are looking to catch up on a ton of great comics. Just make sure to choose the tier that best fits your budget.


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