Scientifically Stupid Fun Movies- August Edition

Greeting once again Nerds and Nerdites. Hopefully you all have enjoyed your a summer filled with Bar-B-Ques, beaches, and of course movies. For what is summer without insanely awesome blockbuster movies? This summer we saw quite a few fantastic movies from Star Trek to, my personal favorite, Pacific Rim. This summer also saw some not quite so awesome movies like The Lone Ranger. But you don’t have to let a bad film ruin your day! Some of the best movies ever are truly atrocious films but we still love them because they are so bad (I’m looking at you Sharknado.)

In case of Sharknado, bring a chainsaw.
In case of Sharknado, bring a chainsaw.

Bad movies can be fun. They can be so much fun especially if you have a group of friends to watch them with. So in honor of our friends Mike, Tom Servo, and Crow, I present to you our Scientifically Stupid Fun Movies! Each month I will showcase an extrememly bad movie for you to enjoy. These movies will be quite random and out there. The whole point of this is so you get a chance to hang out with your friends and get to make fun of idiotic movies, what is better than that? Without further ado I bring you our premiere movie for you to enjoy and eviscerate: The Stabilizer!

Make sure to watch in a no whack zone.
Make sure to watch in a no whack zone.

Ahh The Stabilizer, what more can I really say about this movie that you can’t all ready guess from the cover? There are car chases, booze, naked women, mesh t-shirts, drugs, mullets, sex, lizard eating and spiky golf shoes. What more could you want? The film stars no one of importance and is about a super FBI agent out for justice and revenge against an evil drug kingpin. Partnered with his best friend and a scientist’s daughter he will stop at nothing to have sex and end the drug lord’s rain of terror. This film was made in 1986 and despite the fact that you can tell the people are speaking English, it is still dubbed.

This movie is spectaculary fantastic because it is so, so terrible. The dub is terrible. The acting is terrible. The story is terrible. This entire movie is one steaming pile of guano. But that, my fellow nerds, is also where the glory comes in. To watch this movie, especially with friends, ensures a great time for everyone because you can all laugh and make fun of this movie together. In its stupidity you will find common ground. A unity you won’t find with anyone else. All right enough bullshit, just sit back and be amazed by the trailer.

Do you see what I mean? He punches a guy with a motorcycle!!!!! They also have the filipino equivalent of Mr. T because I am pretty sure the real Mr. T had more standards than these guys. This movie is so hilarious that you must watch it with friends. You can find it on Amazon for around 15 bucks or you can even watch it for free on YouTube. So please grab a beer, sit back, and enjoy The Stabilizer.

The Scientific community rates this film as: Stupid, stupid fun.


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