Gamescom Sony Recap

In case you missed all the hype from Sony’s Conference at Germany’s Gamescom event and all the Sony related news, I am here to provide you all with a recap of yesterday’s highlights. I’ll start with the release date for the console which was announced as a November fifteenth release.

November 15th can't come fast enough!
November 15th can’t come fast enough!

Sony also announced that a cheaper version of the PS3 will be available with a 12GB HD for the low price of $199.

New 12GB PS3 Slim
New 12GB PS3 Slim

Viewers got a better look at the PS4’s new interface. Killzone: Shadow Fall was streamed with use of the new PS eye showing the player in the top corner while playing. We saw footage saved & shared via Twitter with the new share button.

Twitch Broadcasting was confirmed for the PS4 as well so Sony gamers will be able to stream their gameplay on to their Twitch channels with just the simple push of a button.

One of my favorite announcements was Minecraft coming to the PS4. A tweet from Notch (the creator) came after that simply said “PS4, PS3, & Vita” so assumptions now that all three Sony devices will be able to download Minecraft from the PS store. Minecraft on PS4 will be available at launch.

A Little Big Planet Hub was announced for PS4 in which Media Molecule has promised that fans of LBP will have tons of ways to play and interact with others and the LBP hub will be free! Users will have the option to buy additional content for their sack person such as costumes and items for creating levels.

If you own a Vita or plan on buying one, rejoice because you’ll soon be able to loot whore and hang out with Tiny Tina on the go because Borderlands 2 is coming to the Vita!


Borderlands 2 was just one of the many games announced for the Vita. The Vita is also getting a price drop to $199 which should be in effect today. Memory cards for the handheld device were also announced a price drop for the various sizes.

For Killzone fans, Guerilla Games announced that Shadow Fall will get free DLC sometime after launch.

Ubisoft even announced that they were working with Sony to have the story for their highly anticipated new game, Watch Dogs, be developed as a feature film.



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