UMG ATL: My First eSports Experience

Are you a fan of competitive gaming and always wondered what it would be like to go to an event? I’m here to tell you about my experience at UMG Atlanta: Elgato 10k which was a Black Ops 2 LAN event.

UMG Gaming & their sponsors provided Call of Duty players and fans with a fantastic event filled with hype and upsets. Located in a ballroom of the Atlanta Airport Hilton hotel, the stage was set for three days of serious Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 competition. One sponsor provided a $500 prize for the winner of a Free for All competition while teams of four fought their way through the brackets for a $10,000 prize.

Elgato 10K main stage with cod casters waiting to get started.
Elgato 10K main stage with cod casters waiting to get started.

Watching the online streams of these events can be awesome, but if you ever get the chance to go spectate then you probably won’t be disappointed. It’s a surreal experience to be sitting in the crowd cheering on your favorite teams and having those pro players walk past you. *insert silly fan-girl moment here* The hype is real at these LAN events and much of that is missed when you watch the streams.

I wasn’t the only girl who attended and one all-female team competed, but this was without a doubt a testosterone fueled event. Several pros teams went head to head on the main stage and offered the spectators and at home stream viewers an intense match and scream fest. The now former pro team Epsilon was dropped shortly after this event for their actions during their match against pro Team EnVyUs in which they engaged in a great deal of egotistical trash talk and even took to insulting the fans.

Team EnVyUs signing shirts for the fans.
Team EnVyUs signing shirts for the fans.

A highlight moment came on Saturday when Nifty, a young fifteen year old rising COD star, took the stage as a part of pro team ConqueR and had a pivotal last minute flag cap moment in CTF that secured their win over EnVyUs. By the end of the day Saturday, two of the three teams I predicted to place on top (EnVyUs & Epsilon) were in the losers bracket and the third (CompLexity) was still undefeated.

Sunday provided what seemed like never ending gameplay as the teams continued to fight for a spot in the finals which went all the way into the early hours of Monday morning. In the end it was CompLexity Gaming and Team Kaliber battling it out in the finals. Team Kaliber could not shut down the undefeated CompLexity, who proved again that their Hardpoint skills and overall teamwork make them a Call of Duty juggernaut. Finishing out UMG with their third win in a row and $10,000, this win also earned the team a slot in the eSports World Cup which will take place in France.

While this event was smaller than an MLG event, the sponsors really provided a great experience and the teams offered intense competition. I have to give congrats to CompLexity Gaming for their amazing performance! If you want to stay up to date on future UMG events you can follow on Twitter @UMGGAMING or some of their awesome sponsors @elgatogaming @squidgrip @ASTROgaming @360icons


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