Top 5 Batman: The Animated Series Episodes Part 1

Greetings and Salutations! On today’s Top 5 we’re going to break down the ten most awesome Batman: TAS episodes, starting with the bottom five. Now just because their the bottom five doesn’t mean they suck, its just….How can you rate awesomeness that is Batman: The Animated Series? You can’t! But we’re going to try anyway.

So last week was the 21st anniversary of Batman: TAS and the show had over 85 episodes under it’s belt plus three movies; Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman: SubZero and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, but were not talking about the movies its all about the episodes starting with…..

10. Heart of Steel (Part 1&2)

Season 1
Episode 38 & 39
Directed by Kevin Altieri
Written by Brynne Stephens
Original airdate November 16 and 17, 1992

This Batman two part episode in my opinion is phenomenal, now the basic premise of the episode is that the self thinking supercomputer H.A.R.D.A.C. tries to replace key members of Gotham’s citizens with robotic duplicates. Heart of Steel is notable for a couple of things; Barbara Gordon makes her first appearance in this two part episode, voiced by Melissa Gilbert. Now H.A.R.D.A.C. is a essentially a tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey’s HAL 9000, the homicidal computer A.I. Now the reason I like this episode is for the fact it’s an original episode and none of Batman’s rogues make an appearance in this episode, but I’ll tell you this, cut to the 2:50 mark bet you didn’t see this coming…….

9. The Last Laugh

Season 1, Episode 15, Directed by Kevin Altieri, written by Carl Swenson, Episode airdate: September 22, 1992

The reason I feel this is one of the series best episodes, is that right at the start of the show Bruce Wayne/Batman already knew The Joker was behind the toxic laughing gas that was spreading throughout Gotham. Also making it first appearance is the Batboat! I know to you it’s “Meh” at best, but come on….Batboat!

8. Catwalk

Season 2, Episode Airdate: September 13, 1995, Episode 9, Directed by Boyd Krikland, Episode written by Paul Dini

I really have to give it to Paul Dini for making Catwoman a lot more interesting, by this point I really didn’t like the character Catwoman, but another episode she appears in “I Almost Got’em”, which we will get to later in this list is my only two favorite episodes that features her. What made this episode so great? Well through the episode, we see Selina Kyle regress back to who she is the femme fatale burglar Catwoman, also at the end she blames the Ventriloquist for her return as a thief, but we all know it really her fault.

7. On Leather Wings

Season 1
Episode 1
Directed by Kevin Altieri
Written by Mitch Brian
Original airdate September 6, 1992

The first episode of Batman: The Animated Series brought us the first ever animated appearance of Man-Bat. Now this episode was and still is really awesome and I feel it holds up in terms of animation, just because the of the scene of Dr. Langstrom’s transformation into Man-Bat was so creepy but badass at the same time.

Scary huh? Well try being 7 years old and you don’t WTF is going on!

6. Perchance to Dream

Season 1
Episode 30
Directed by Boyd Kirkland
Written by Laren Bright and Michael Reaves (story), Joe R. Lansdale (teleplay)
Original airdate October 19, 1992

In this episode Batman: TAS, Bruce wakes up in a world where he’s not Batman and his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne are still alive, also he’s engage to Selina Kyle, who isn’t even Catwoman in this “alternate” world. The title “Perchance to Dream” is from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Now what makes this episode so great Bruce doesn’t stop being Batman while he’s investigating, this alternate world, but what got me was the end of the episode where Batman awakens in the warehouse from the beginning of the episode, with the Mad Hatter’s dream machine still on his head. He frees himself and takes down the mad hatter. The Hatter demanding an explanation and while The Mad Hatter breaks down, saying that “Batman has ruined his life and that he would give him everything that he wanted, just to have him out of his life”.

Honorable Mention: Over the Edge

Airdate: May 23rd, 1998
Episode 11
Written by: Paul Dini
Directed by: Yuichiro Yano

I feel Paul Dini was smoking on something when writing this very dark, rage inducing, Inception inspired episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Note: This episode was written and produced at least 10 years before Inception.

So there’s the “bottom” Top 5 episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, what are your favorite episodes of Batman? Let me know at the usual place below. Be sure to stay tune in same nerd place, same nerd channel for the Top 5 Batman: The Animated Series episodes.


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