My Top Five Fan Girl Moments at a Con

DragonCon is my favorite time of the year so I usually attend every year (until the last two years I haven’t been able to go) and I’ve met some of my favorite actors, writers, & artists there. Sometimes it’s disappointing when a guest comes and it seems like they really aren’t interested or they seem like a shallow douchebag. Then sometimes one pleasantly surprises you. So today I will countdown my five most awesome meetings at DragonCon and if you ever have a chance to meet any of the people I’ve mentioned then I hope you take it!

5. Brandon Routh: I love Superman (despite how disappointing Superman Returns was) & Scott Pilgrim so naturally I had a huge fan girl moment when meeting Brandon Routh. I lined up for his autograph session early one morning and was of course super nervous. (Note: I’m ridiculously shy & awkward) He was super friendly and took time not just to sign a picture, but noticed my Superman tattoo and talked to me about some other Superman tattoos he’d seen. He was polite and he genuinely looked excited to be at the con. I went to his panel later that afternoon and I enjoyed it as well.

Brandon Routh at his panel
Brandon Routh at his panel

4. Felicia Day: Felicia Day is just as lovely and chill as you’d expect her to be. She is often seen walking around before, after, & during the con as she interacts with fans and takes pictures of awesome cosplay. I’ve heard several people say she can be found at the themed after parties and the Whedon track’s live performances of Once More with Feeling & Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. I did an autograph session & photo op with Felicia Day and she was super friendly and of course adorable. She is really fun to hear on the panels as well.

I look rough, but Felicia is gorgeous! :)
I look rough, but Felicia is gorgeous! 🙂

3.Absolutely anyone from the Firefly crew! I have enjoyed meeting and listening to cast of Firefly aka Fox’s biggest mistake in history. I always try to squeeze in a Firefly panel when I go to DragonCon because it is one of the liveliest panels you could ever hope to attend. The crew of the Firefly Serenity are all fun and friendly. They entertain the crowd with great stories and even include a few pranks and crowd interaction. Like the time Jewel Staite got the entire ballroom to throw up their middle finger for a video to send to Nathan Fillion! Be warned that the lines for Firefly grow fast and I always recommend lining up a few hours in advance to ensure a good seat. I’ve seen them all on panels, but missed the opportunity to meet a few in the autograph room. I was lucky enough to meet Summer Glau and barely got to her line in time and as the afternoon got later, I was worried that we’d get turned away because the autograph room was closing, but she was kind enough to stay later than scheduled to ensure that everyone that waited got an autograph. She was also kind enough to take pics with fans who met her at the table, where some guests only offer the sometimes pricey photo sessions.

Two Summers = one epic pic!
Two Summers = one epic pic!

2. James Marsters: James plays Spike on Buffy and also appeared on Smallville, Torchwood, & Supernatural and he is a DragonCon regular. I think since Buffy has been off the air he has only missed one year of DragonCon. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and it is very clear that he enjoys the con and talking with the fans. He is known for taking goofy pictures with fans and chatting about things that might even get him into a little trouble haha. I remember the 2nd or 3rd time that I got to speak with him, I asked about his role on Smallville and he started talking all excited and giving details until he got scolded and stopped by his manager or whoever was attending with him. He is so easily approachable and awesome to his fans and you are likely to hear a funny or possibly top secret story!

James chatting as he signs.
James chatting as he signs.

1. Stan Lee: This man needs no introduction and if you’ve ever seen him on TV or wondered if he is just as fun and goofy as he seemed in his Marvel movie cameos, then the answer is yes! He is all smiles and full of jokes and I really enjoyed his panel. I love so many of the Marvel characters that he helped create so it was an absolute pleasure to attend his panel and hear him talk about Marvel movies and such. Out of all my years attending DragonCon, this was by far one of my all-time favorite panels and well worth the wait in the longest line I’ve ever stood in haha!

Stan the Man!
Stan the Man!

**Honorable mention to Juliet Landau who played Drusilla on Buffy for telling a hilarious story about testing out her crazy character Drusilla in a liquor store!


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