Review: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation might have pulled off one of the most violent DC animated features of all time, if there was any reason to hate superhero on superhero action it would be this movie. Adapted from the Geoff Johns penned DC Comic event with art done my And Kubert. Now the basic and shorten premise is that there’s a global war between Aquaman’s Atlanteans and Wonder Woman’s Amazons, also The Flash could be the reason why this is happening.


Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox Haiku Review:

Is not a Justice League movie but,

The Flash movie instead.

The animation questionable-

fluid, colorful vibrant

disproportionate and ugly figures.

Semi-faithful adaptation

With connection to the New 52

Too bloody for kids.


I give Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox a 8 out of 10, The character designs of some of the men are horrid while the women are finally proportional. Also is this really a kids movie? With the amount of on screen kills its really a jarring look as to what can be done in animation.


5 thoughts on “Review: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

    1. I’ve watched every single episode of Justice League Unlimited and that obviously Bruce Timm’s influence, but Flashpoint Paradox’s animation style is just bad. I like anime and at times some animes know proportion sizes of the male and (sometimes) female form. Like the execution of the movie just not the animation of it, i truly wish they had use the animation style of JL: Doom or Crisis on Two Earths animation style.

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