Get Nerdy at DragonCon 2013

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a bunker somewhere prepping for an apocalypse, then you’ve probably heard about San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. Today I’m here to school you on a lesser known con with just as much heart and a huge line up of guests. Today nerds and nerdettes, I introduce you all to DragonCon which is Atlanta, Georgia’s multi-media pop-culture convention that covers sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, anime, film, literature, & more!

Are you located in the south or planning on taking a trip down south? Need Labor Day weekend plans of the geeky variety? You haven’t missed DragonCon 2013! The con will take place August 30th through September 2nd and a four day pass will cost you $130. The four day weekend pass is generally much cheaper if you order it earlier in the year and increases in price as the date gets closer. With the larger cons, tickets can sell out in a matter of minutes, but DragonCon hasn’t hit a sellout point and you can generally buy them the day of the con if you wanted. (Tip: Lines are a bigger pain if you wait and I do recommend ordering in advance.) Or even buy just a one day pass to try it out.

One of my favorite things about DragonCon is the parade on Saturday morning. There is nothing cooler than seeing a ton of Storm Troopers, Ghostbusters, and every type of geeky cosplay imaginable march through the streets of Atlanta.

Best parade EVER!
Best parade EVER!
Harry Potter fandom in this section of the parade!
Harry Potter fandom in this section of the parade!

Artist Alley brings together some of the most talented artists in illustration and design where you can meet them and see their work. I’ve bought some really great art from Artist Alley over the past years and attended some epic panel discussions. One of my favorites was a Q/A panel with Scott Allie from Darkhorse comics and Hellboy legend Mike Mignola. Seriously guys, so many awesome people come to DragonCon!

One year I stayed at one of the main hotels that was hosting the con and had an awkward elevator ride with none other than Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) from the Harry Potter movies. Why was it awkward? Because I’m a shy and dorky HP fan and before getting into the elevator all I could manage was to point my finger and drop my jaw. He smiled and nodded his head and I spent the elevator ride looking everywhere, but his direction and then my con buddies giggled at me and waved at him on our way out of the elevator. I’m such a fail!

Some of the guests that I am looking most forward to this year include: Whedon Alumni Eliza Dushku from Buffy & Dollhouse, Amy Acker from Angel & Much Ado About Nothing, & Nick Brendon from Buffy. Stephen Amell who plays Oliver on CW’s hit show Arrow and John Barrowman from Doctor Who, Torchwood, & Arrow. One of my favorite writers on television, the amazing and witty Jane Espenson, will be there and also Marvel illustrator Mark Brooks.

There are a lot of guests coming from shows like Doctor Who, True Blood, Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, & more. Comic book writers, artists, paranormal investigators, & even the Myth Busters duo. You should check out the huge guest list at and find out who you’d like see!

Very lovely Codex.
Very lovely Codex.


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