San Diego Comic Con 2013: A Nerd’s Point of View!

Greetings and salutations fellows Nerds and Nerdettes! HiroTheGeek here to give you the ground floor eye of San Diego Comic! Well not me more like my fellow nerd HarleyQuinn15 A.K.A. Benita! She’ll update us with pictures from the show room floor from this year’s hottest comic book convention. And we’ll start with….

Plants Vs. Zombies!

Harley calls this zombie"squishy", she loves Squishy apparently.
Harley calls this zombie”squishy”, she loves Squishy apparently.

picstitch (3)

These awesome looking Zombies from Plants vs. Zombies are SDCC exclusives and the they’re apart of the PvZ SDCC Munny Auction for Child’s Play. PopCap and other artists made one of the kind looking zombies you see here, and by going to eBay Giving Works on July 22nd  and by bidding on one of these babies you will be doing something awesome for kids plus you’ll get like 150EXP points. To learn more on how you can help or to see more awesome and unique looking zombies head on over to PopCap. Also if you’re going to the con this weekend be sure to head to PopCap’s booth #129.

Now here’s more pics of SDCC:

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Booth!
Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Booth!
Wait for it...
Wait for it…
Day One: Epic!
Day One: Epic!

Well that was HarleyQuinn’s first day at San Diego Comic Con, What are you waiting to hear coming out from the con? Let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to check back the rest of this week for more Nerds Against the World at San Diego Comic Con!


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