Q/A with Artist Jason Flowers

Hey fellow nerds and nerdettes! I recently got a chance to speak with artist Jason Flowers about his comics and art prints. Jason is the artist behind the Master Splinter TMNT art print that we posted about last week. He was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to do a Q/A for Nerds Against the World! Enjoy!

N.A.T.W: So you just released a limited edition Master Splinter art print and it looks fantastic! What other prints can we expect to see from you in the near future, and which characters are your favorites to draw?

Jason: Thanks for the compliment! I’m constantly getting new ideas for prints. I’m finishing up a wolverine fighting ninjas print right now, and also have a few other turtle prints and cult movie characters in the works. As for some of my favorites to draw? I’d definitely have to say anything TMNT or Alien vs. Predator. I’ve also really gotten into drawing Gizmo and Gremlins a lot lately, too.

N.A.T.W: Who would you consider to be your biggest influence for your art style?

Jason: It’s so hard to say. I’m constantly learning of new artists both young & old. But some of my top influences would have to be people like Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Kevin Eastman, Lee Bermejo, Juan Jose Ryp, Geof Darrow, Bernie Wrightson, Kelley Jones, Wally Wood, Jason Shawn Alexander, Jacen Burrows. The list could probably go on for days.

N.A.T.W: What’s the best advice you could give to aspiring artists that are trying to get their work noticed?

Jason: Never give up, have thick skin, and draw every day. If you can’t automatically break in to any of the bigger companies, DIY (Do it yourself).

N.A.T.W: I had the pleasure of meeting you at DragonCon several years back and I picked up a copy of your one-shot titled, “The Strange Tales of Emery Falls.” I really enjoyed reading it and it definitely seemed to be left open for more stories. Do you have any plans to revisit Emery Falls?

Jason: I’m glad you picked that up! I’ve always been fond of Emery Falls. I’ve actually been slowly working on new stories for the character and have about five new tales to tell with her. I’m currently finishing up a werewolf graphic novel and once that is finished, Emery is first on my list to work on for a new mini-series.

N.A.T.W: Can you tell us about any current comic book projects that you might be working on & what can fans expect to see from you in the next year or so?

Jason: As I just stated in the previous question, I’m currently finishing up a werewolf graphic novel that’ll be 68 pages, called, “Bloody Olde Englund.” Created and written by me & comic/novel writer, Bobby Nash. I’m also working on a comic book called, “Quiver,” for CZKWorld Studios. After that, I’ve got a few more comic projects in the works and a few children’s books I’m going to be writing and illustrating.

Art from the Bloody Olde Englund comic created by Bobby Nash & Jason Flowers.
Art from Bloody Olde Englund.
Art from the Bloody Olde Englund comic created by Bobby Nash & Jason Flowers.
Art from the Bloody Olde Englund comic created by Bobby Nash & Jason Flowers.

N.A.T.W: I know you travel to a lot of different Comic Cons and some might not be as large or as well known as DragonCon, and now it seems that some of the larger Cons seem to be pulling away from comics & focusing more on other mediums. Does this make you prefer the smaller ones?

Jason: Yes and no. It’s really not too much of a worry for me. I go & set up at conventions selling mainly prints. They help a lot to generate the revenue needed to fund the ability to work on the comic books. Most of my prints are pop culture references or scenes/characters from some of my all-time favorite films. So it doesn’t matter if I go to a horror, comic, or sci-fi show. If people see something they love, they’ll stop over and buy it.

N.A.T.W: Comic book movies are pretty huge right now. Would you consider yourself a fan of the recent movies and if so, which movies are your favorite adaptations?

Jason: Definitely a fan! I told my wife what makes it so amazing is the fact that Hollywood has finally taken a step-up funding the characters and their stories. I feel like I’m five years old again when I get to see Iron Man & Captain America standing back-to-back fighting aliens. It’s something only cartoons could capture for so long and finally, with SFX & CGI, we’re able to actually see it in somewhat real-life. Movies-wise, I’ve loved Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Avengers, Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Man of Steel, and probably my favorite of them all would be the Blade Trilogy. I feel like if it wasn’t for the success of the Blade films, no one would have sat up and noticed.

N.A.T.W :You’re also obviously a big TMNT fan. How do you feel about Michael Bay’s new live action TMNT reboot?

Jason: Ya’ know, I’m excited about it! I think it’s going to be amazing! I’m not going to say I like it or hate it until I’ve walked out of the theater, after it’s over. Only time will tell.

N.A.T.W: In addition to checking out your website, where can your fans follow you to stay updated on your work?

Jason: I’m pretty much everywhere, nowadays. I’m on Instagram & Tumblr under Jasonflowersart and the same for Etsy. My blog is http://www.JasonFlowersArt.blogspot.com & my online store is http://www.JasonFlowersArt.bigcartel.com.

There you have it nerds! There are lots of way you can stay up to date on the art of Jason Flowers. I hope you enjoyed this Q/A and please show some love to Jason by checking out his site! Included below are a few more samples of his awesome prints that are available on his site! These iconic characters need no introduction!

Wolverine JFlowers printGremlins JFlowers


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