Top Eleven Moments of the Eleventh Doctor

Happy 4th of July Nerds and Nerdettes! A day of BBQ, beer, and fireworks. Most of you may all ready be suffering food comas from all that potato salad, so I bring you a lovely treat to help get you through that food overload. So in honor of America’s birthday I bring you an article about British people! Well one particular British person.  As tallied by me, HarleyQuinn and in honor of Matt Smith’s final two episodes as The Doctor we bring you the Top 11 moments of his reign as everyone’s favorite Time Lord. It is worth mentioning huge spoilers below, but I figured you guys knew that all ready. So let’s get this list going! Geronimo!!!!!!

Number 11~ Bowties are cool/Fishfingers and custard

Yes Doctor, bowties are cool
Yes Doctor, bowties are cool
Mmmm, custard...
Mmmm, custard…

This is pretty much when we fell in love with Matt Smith’s Doctor. Within the first ten minutes of The Eleventh Hour we accepted him as The Doctor. From his spewing out apples and calling them rubbish, to dipping those deep fried fishies in pudding we loved him.  And then he ended the show perfectly with his most popular catch phrase. This is literally his most popular phrase! It is everywhere! I mean even non-whovians know where that saying is from! So that is why these two moments are at a (bow) tie for Number 11. (Yes, yes I know that was a horrible joke.)

Number 10~ He speaks baby and Horse

Best. Name. EVER.
Best. Name. EVER.

We all know that Matt Smith’s Doctor is good with quips and the most random lines ever. But two of my favorite moments are when he is speaking baby with Alfie and talking horse. With Alfie he just had such a great chemistry with a freaking baby of all people! “He’s your dad, you can’t just call him Not Mum.” So Hilarious. And with speaking horse he just delivers the line so casually, “No he’s not. His name is Susan and he wants you to respect his lifestyle choices.” Only the Doctor can make people feel like we should all just love and respect everyone for who they are!

Number 9~ Leaving future Amy behind

She just wanted to see Earth one last time

This was a particularly depressing scene, even more so for Rory because the Doctor left him with the choice. Choose which Amy to save. The future Amy who has all ready suffered so much or the present Amy who has yet to go through those trials? Who would you choose? This makes the list because it shows that the Doctor is a liar and a sneak. He knew from the start only one Amy would survive but he did not tell anyone and this episode shows that he is not a good man all the time.

Number 8~ Doctor and River kiss

Finally happy kisses!!!!
Finally happy kisses!!!!

Now the kiss I picked comes from the recent season finale, “The Name of the Doctor.” And I picked this kiss because it was initiated by the Doctor himself. All throughout River’s appearances the Doctor always kept himself held back from her. He did not trust her because she knew so much about him yet he knew nothing about her. Even during their wedding I couldn’t help but feel he did not really want to get married. This scene right here though showed us how much he loves River and how much he misses her. I won’t lie tears may have been shed.

Number 7~ Demon’s Run

When a good man goes to war.
When a good man goes to war.

This scene is on the list simply because the Doctor thinks he has won and without killing anyone to boot. We see him at his most conceited especially when he wants the Colonel to be known as Colonel Runaway. He is so petty in that moment and then when he realizes it is all a trick and he did not win, it is all the more sad. Of course this is when we also find out who River Song really is so it doesn’t fully end on a sad note.

Number 6~ Breaking Amy’s faith

Little girl still waiting
Little girl still waiting

Ahhh deep down Amy is still that little girl waiting for her life of adventure. She still yearns for her mad man in a blue box even when she has him right next to her. This again is another scene where the Doctor reveals a little more about his nature. He tells her that he is not a hero and it is a very heart breaking scene to watch as the Doctor destroys her faith to save her. Then after he “saves” the day, he lets them go, and gives them a house so that they might live a normal life. (I also loved this episode because of Rita and would love to see her back as a companion!)

Number 5~ Doctor defeats the Silence

Does that TV get 1080p?
Does that TV get 1080p?

The Doctor is smart. He is a very, very smart man who has been around the galaxy a time or two. So with the introduction of the Silence we were left wondering, “How do you defeat something you don’t remember?” Well the tricky, tricky Doctor figured out how. Why not use their own words against them?! See kids, this just goes to show that the pen is mightier than the sword! Or in this case, a cell phone with video.

Number 4~ Rory accuses the Doctor of being dangerous

Rory gets mad
Rory gets mad

This scene I loved because it comes from a relatively funny episode. It was all lighthearted jokes and some attempt at scares with the vampire fishies, but right in the middle of all that comes this great dramatic scene. The are attempting to save Amy who has been taken to be converted into one of vampires. Rory, on his first adventure with the duo, can read the Doctor like a book. Much like what Davros says to ten in “Journey’s End”, Rory accuses the Doctor of being dangerous because he makes people want to impress him. That people will do anything to not let down the Doctor. The Doctor’s face in that scene is so, so sad.

Number 3~Pandorica opens

Even the Doctor likes YMCA.
Even the Doctor likes YMCA.

Ancient Romans, check. Rory back from the dead, check. All of the Doctors enemies, check. The clock is ticking as every species the Doctor ever pissed off is converging down on this camp as the Pandorica is set to open. One small legion of Romans against an entire glaxy of enemies. What to do, what to do? Well if you are the Doctor, you grab a microphone and you yell at them. And that powerful speech is enough to send all his enemies flying for the stars.

Number 2~ Doctor versus Cyber Planner

Doctor found the Golden Ticket!
Doctor found the Golden Ticket!

In an episode written by the great Neil Gaiman, we get one of Matt Smith’s best performances. He in essence, is trying to outsmart himself. As the Cyber Planner has access to most of the Doctor’s memories, it becomes a difficult battle of trying to outsmart himself basically. Smith puts on a beautiful performance with comedy, drama, and a little bit of creepy. Seeing him arguing with himself is a pure joy, especially when he demands to be tied up. Just a wonderful and memorable performance.

Number 1~ The Doctor and TARDIS say hello

Where's my damn tissue?!
Where’s my damn tissue?!

And here you have it! Matt Smith’s best moment from Doctor Who. He and the TARDIS finally meet. Again brought to you from the brilliant mind of Neil Gaiman, (if you couldn’t tell I’m a fan of his, now you know) the TARDIS is stolen and put into the body of a young woman. What ensues is a roller coaster ride of emotion. The chemistry that Suranne Jones and Matt Smith had was fantastic! Her portrayal of the TARDIS was amazing and it was great to see the Doctor happy and chatting with his favorite companion. Because let’s face it, the TARDIS is the best companion for the Doctor. Even Amy knows that it will always be the Doctor and the TARDIS forever. Which is why it is all the more heartbreaking when they had to say goodbye. The utter devastation on the Doctor’s face when he says goodbye was heartbreaking. And when the TARDIS replies back with, “Hello. Hello Doctor,”  there was not a dry eye in the house. A poignant and bittersweet end to one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes.

So what did you guys think of the list? Is it utter rubbish? Did I err and not add a particular favorite scene of yours? Would you have picked different scenes all together? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what your favorite moments are! Happy traveling!


4 thoughts on “Top Eleven Moments of the Eleventh Doctor

  1. Fantastic.

    The Pandorica opens is my favorite Doctor Who moment. I remember watching that scene and being completely awe struck at the fact that he was able to scare them away with simple words. It was fantastic even if it was short lived.

    Nightmare in Silver was my favorite episode of season 7. I love it when he has to play a game of minds with anyone

    1. Yes I totally agree! The Doctor just by being the Doctor is able to scare away his enemies. Totally brilliant. I too feel Nightmare in Silver was the best episode of Season 7. This last season just didn’t do that much for me and it wasn’t too much of a surprise as to why Clara was the “Impossible Girl.” And can we stop with all the Impossibles?! First it was the Impossible Astronaut and now it was the Impossible Girl. STOP!

      1. I never understood why the Astronaut was impossible. Once i found out the secret it seemed completely possible to me nothing really mind blowing at all. I also feel that season 7 has been the weakest season yet. Still, an good season though. Im still extremely hyped for the 50th Anniversary Special. Im just sad that Eccelston won’t be coming back to play the 9th Doctor

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