San Diego Comic Con: Top 5 Things To Expect

Comic-Con_logoSan Diego Comic Con is the biggest geek convention in the United States. Thousands of people from all over the world come to meet actors, artists, game developers, comic writers, book writers, and even YouTube stars! With attendance of 130,000 in recent years events and panels have been moved to hotels near by with enough space for the panels of course. If ever in your lifetime you want to experience the most nerdy, geeky, fangasm and meet people you never thought you would, comic con is for you!

I’m happy and blessed to have had been able to go to SDCC 2012. It was a pain to have to stand in lines lasting for up to 2 hours to see a panel, or even for just exclusives. But in the end it is worth it.

Now to the list and tips of what to expect:

1. Long lines:

Yes you will have to wait perhaps hours to get in an event so I suggest you lines up around 2 hours early if you know that panel/event will be big.

2. Hunger:

Bring a snack! Without you even noticing you’ll have walked for hours with no breaks. The food at cons is expensive, so a snack will not hurt your wallet. Snacks and water are key to keeping your body and mind in good condition through the long and exhausting hours at Comic Con.

3. Cosplayers:

Now cosplayers are not that bad, they actually entertain you and some may even surprise you. Though some cosplays are very delicate and BIG so watch out that you don’t touch their costume or that their costume touches you and it will be a-ok. And ALWAYS ask them if you can take a picture of them before taking it. They might even pose for you.

4. Backpacks:

Always bring a backpack with you! You will be carrying so many things by the end of the day you won’t even know how you got them. And other people will be wearing backpacks as well, so people might be bumping things by accident. At the convention they give you so many free things to promote comics, TV shows, etc. Try to always have your hands free.

5. Expensive/Cheap stuff: 

Your wallet will most likely be in tears by the end of the convention. Many vendors have the same things for sell but at wwaaayyy different prices. If you find something you like, first look at other vendors to see if they have it and if for a cheaper price.

Also watch how much money you spend, if you keep a mental record of how much you have and how much you want to spend it’ll be easier for you and your wallet later in the day.

If you have yet to go to SDCC don’t worry, badges are usually sold the closer we get to the date of the convention. Unfortunately this year’s SDCC badges have been sold out, but no worries, there is always next time. And for those who are going, what is one of the things you can’t wait to do/see?



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