Nerds Against The World Presents: Revelisk Entertainment Spotlight

Hello again fellow Nerds and Nerdettes! HiroTheGeek here with another NATW Spotlight! On today’s spotlight is an up and coming company coming straight out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! Revelisk Entertainment, so I go to speak with Jill Bergdahl who spoke for Revelisk and folks we’re in for a treat in the coming years, so without anymore of my rambling here’s my one on one interview with Revelisk Entertainment.

N.A.T.W: Welcome to Nerds Against the World! and Thank you for taking part in this interview!

Revelisk Entertainment: It’s my pleasure! I’m excited to talk with you about what’s been consuming my life the past few months.

N.A.T.W: Well I’m glad you’re exited. So to start off where did the idea and name of Revelisk come from?

Revelisk Entertainment: The idea behind Revelisk came from a group of passionate and talented friends who wanted to start something amazing. We already knew we wanted to create a video game, but didn’t want to come across as just another John Doe wanting to create interactive Media, so we decided to make this a full blown dedicated company with great things in mind.
So, as we sat around our meeting table, we took to the task of creating our name, our image for years to come. The name Revelisk is of our own creation and we feel it truly symbolizes our unique take on what we are all truly passionate about; Gaming.
So, shortly there after, we decided that a giant octopus or a killer squid would be the perfect mascot to represent our newly founded company. In fact, we have even dubbed our mascot The Revelisk. I’m sure you’ll see more of him to come, and he’s currently plastered all over our website,

Revelisk Mascot

N.A.T.W: Okay since Revelisk is a gaming company, what type of games is Revelisk planning to bring to the masses?

Revelisk Entertainment: While I can’t fully disclose the nature of our current project, what I can do is point you towards our companies mission for some subtle clues. “Revelisk Entertainment aims to create and evolve classic styles of gaming into new & innovative titles with rich in-depth stories, characters and modern game-play mechanics for all to enjoy.”
So basically, for now I can not divulge the style of game we are creating, but I have a good feeling that all of this will be made clear in the near future. Also, please allow me to point out that there is more to our company then only creating video games.
Aside from games, we will also be hosting local events in our area (Edmonton, Ab) like small concerts featuring local bands/artists or contests with prizes to be won. All in the name of promoting ourselves within our city. We hope to one day branch out to other markets as well.

N.A.T.W: Okay fair enough…So in a way Revelisk is more an entertainment company that a straight up gaming company then?

Revelisk Entertainment: Absolutely not! In reality, the events that we put on are there to support and promote our current game, in addition to ourselves as a company. Think of us as passionate gamers who are creating games, but still have to deal with the daunting task of creating and maintaining a business to ensure our ability to do so.
Our events are merely a financial way to help out our small crew in these tasks (with the bonus of getting our business brand out there to the masses), until we are later on in the production phase of our game and business. Unfortunately, the following term comes to mind.. “You need money, to make money.”

N.A.T.W: Have you considered Kickstarter as another viable option?

Revelisk Entertainment: Yes, absolutely! Kickstarter isn’t available to us without a US bank account, but we have the same option through in Canada. We’ve looked into this option recently and plan on utilizing it soon, so be sure to stay tuned for news regarding that!

N.A.T.W: So the obvious is that money is needed, but besides that, what are the other challenges of being an independent group to which you and your group are dealing with now? What are the ways Revelisk is handling it? Or more importantly working around it?

Revelisk Entertainment: I really can’t stress the initial funding hurdle enough, as unfortunate as it is. It’s by far the main challenge. And as we are outsourcing a lot of roles, such as programming & animation, the costs seem to add up quite quickly. The funds to finance such work is quite tough, as we’re all working class nerds such as yourself.
The second most important challenge though? Establishing the groundwork  to ensure the success of our company for years to come. We want to create more then a game, we want to create games for many years to come.
A proper business model is a grueling and never ending undertaking that can be very challenging all on it’s own. Thankfully, we have some amazing talent in our team, both creative and on the business side.

N.A.T.W: For Revelisk was it easier to just outsource it? Wouldn’t be more cost effective to do the production in-house? ‘Cause it sounds to me outsourcing the game is breaking the bank.

Revelisk Entertainment: Oh, for sure. It will end up costing us a lot more in the end.
This is just our current strategy, but this could very likely change in the future. Basically, we don’t have animators or programmers on our team yet. So in the meantime we want to make sure that that portion of the work can still get finished when the time comes. Outsourcing is essentially a worst-case scenario, but none the less we need to ensure the success of our current project.
We’re currently only in our Pre-Production phase, so there is a lot of room for growing and adapting as our current game takes more solid shape.

N.A.T.W: So seeing as you’re in pre-production, is there a time window set for the release of the game that you’re currently working on now?

Revelisk Entertainment: We are in pre-production, so this date could possibly change, but we are aiming for 2015. We just started, and have to establish our company in addition to this game. Give us 2-3 years and we’ll give you something we are incredibly excited and passionate about. So today, I’d like to finally reveal to you the name of our current project and some exciting concept art from our Lead Artist.

Previously code named Seven, we at Revelisk Entertainment are more giddy then schoolgirls to announce to Nerds Against the World the official reveal of Revelisk’s current project; NOVUM: The Seventh Aura. Unfortunately, I can’t say too much more on the game right now, but stay tuned to us on our Facebook page.

Teaser image of Novum: The Seventh Aura
Teaser image of Novum: The Seventh Aura

N.A.T.W: So where do you see Revelisk In the next few years? E3? Gamescom or CES? Or am I jumping the proverbial gun?

Revelisk Entertainment: If you were asking me about attending those this year, I would say no. But a couple years? You bet your ass you’ll be seeing more of us. You’re not jumping any proverbial gun, just looking into our future!

N.A.T.W: *Laughs* Awesome. I was wondering when Novum: The Seventh Aura sees the light of day where could we pick up the game? PC, Next-Gen gaming consoles?

Revelisk Entertainment: Novum: The Seventh Aura will be releasing on the LIVE Marketplace, but do not be surprised if you see other digital formats available on PC as well.

N.A.T.W: Nice! I was going to assume Steam service but, with everything  that is going down with the XboxOne and Microsoft do you hope all the problems circling the company can be solved by the time the game releases?

Revelisk Entertainment: *laughs* A weighted question, it seems.

First off, don’t rule out Steam either. And secondly.. I’m sure you’ll find that the LIVE marketplace (that isn’t only on the XBOX brand) has been a superior online portal to gaming for millions of gamers and for many years. We have full faith that it will remain so in the years to come.
I guess only time will tell, and soon it would seem, if we will need to adapt our platforms of choice for release of our title.

N.A.T.W: Well I’m sure that with the collective brains at Revelisk, I’m sure ya’ll have many alternatives. Once again thank you for taking part of this week’s Nerds Against the World’s spotlight. Anything you wanna say before we end?

Revelisk Entertainment: The pleasure was all mine, and we look forward to showing N.A.T.W. more of NOVUM: The Seventh Aura in the future! Thanks for this opportunity, Ser Hiro ❤ This will be the first chance for people to truly see what we’re all about.

N.A.T.W: And you’re welcome,  we here can’t wait to see more.

There you have it another awesome interview with another awesome person, to keep up to date with all things Revelisk you can find them on Facebook just click the link here: Revelisk Entertainment  and also on their website for future reveals & info, and to stay updated as their projects matures over time. So do you have an awesome idea you want to discuss with us and the world? well be sure to hit us up on our Facebook page Nerds Against the World and follow us on twitter @NerdsVsWorld.

This is Desmond “HiroTheGeek” Robinson for Nerds Against the World thank you reading.


7 thoughts on “Nerds Against The World Presents: Revelisk Entertainment Spotlight

    1. Revelisk is essentially just a made up name we created for ourselves. After also designing our ‘mascot’ / emblem (the octopus and squid), we have named it The Revelisk.
      Sooo, I guess in a way, Revelisk means a bad ass giant squid or octopus! 🙂

      1. Revelisk is an awesome name then! +1 for creativity! Novum: The Seventh Aura sounds very interesting! I’ll be looking out for it ^__^

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