Annoying Characters From Current-Gen Games

I spent last week re-visiting the Killzone 3 campaign. I also spent that entire time screaming at the screen with various insults and pointless threats directed at Rico, my A.I. companion. My hatred for him last week has inspired this list of frustrating and annoying characters from current-gen games. I know there are several characters that I am forgetting, but this handful is definitely a pain in the ass.

So starting it off with the useless Rico from the Killzone series. He had the ability to revive you in the campaign and he would stand right beside you while you were down and do NOTHING except say, “I can’t reach you.” Umm Rico you were standing on me! His repetitive dialogue was even more annoying because he was so incredible useless.

Rico Killzone

Any survivors from Dead Rising.(Except for you, Snowflake, you were my homie!) If you’ve ever played Dead Rising, then no explanation is really needed. If you haven’t played the series, then i’ll just say they were frustrating and needy when all you really want them to do is shut up and follow you to safety.


Pierce from the Saints Row series. He was annoying because whenever you were in a hurry and needed to take him with you, he always took his sweet time getting in the car. He was useless. I lost count of how many times I had to revive him because he stood outside the car and just got shot up.

Pierce SR3

Sheva from RE5- It was nice to play Chris and enjoy the view as she walked, but she was a terrible and frustrating A.I. companion.


Sherry Berkin from Resident Evil because in RE6 you either had to play as her or Jake. If you wanted to get all the trophies/achievements for RE6, then you had to play as both so you were either Jake constantly saving Sherry or you were Sherry running around with a cattle-pod. Seriously Sherry? A cattle-prod? That was one of the most frustrating parts of the campaign on professional difficulty.


Nazeem from Skyrim. I’ve spent countless hours playing Skyrim and there is no one that I loathe and want to kill in that game more than that arrogant bastard Nazeem. Every single time I enter Whiterun, I know he will be just around the corner so he can pass by me and say, “Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying – of course you don’t.” You sir, must die.


Moira from Fallout 3- *spoiler alert if you haven’t done all Fallout 3 has to offer* She had some of the most ridiculous quests and she was beyond annoying. She would be the one moron to survive the nuking of Megaton! Ugh!

Moira Fallout3

So these are some of my picks, comment below and share yours! What characters had you raging at the screen?



6 thoughts on “Annoying Characters From Current-Gen Games

  1. I liked Moira from Fallout 3, I thought she had some of the best lines in the game, and I actually very much enjoyed the wasteland survival guide missions. And I thought you said you haven’t played the first Dead Rising? Well either way, the survivor AI was MUCH better in the second game, but I also didn’t have anywhere near the same problem with it in either game that most seemed to

  2. But Nazeem is just an NPC. The suicidal Leeroy Jenkins-followers who charge past your sneak thief and hit every single trap, fire rune and ambush on their way with deadly precision are much worse.
    Or the escorts and/or villagers who attack a dragon with a butterknife…

  3. The “arrow in the knee” guy seems to be easy for me to ignore, but Nazeem just can’t be ignored. Haha gotta love when those silly companions set off traps. *facepalm*

  4. Bah. Sheva was a pretty good character. It’s the AI you’re complaining about. :p Also, Sherry Birkin was a highlight of RE6. It’s not like you were forced to use the cattle prod, anyway.

  5. True. Sherry was a pain though if you were hunting all the trophies/achievements. I just really found her annoying, but that was also my least favorite of the RE6 campaigns. :/

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