Nerds Against the World Presents: Comic Book Spotlight

Hello fellow comic book Nerds and Nerdettes! HiroTheGeek here with an all new way of getting our fellow geek and nerds the spotlight light they whole graciously deserve. So on today’s inaugural Spotlight we have the creator and artist of the upcoming, soon to be self-published comic book Adam Swift! And his co-writer and fellow Nerds Against the World writer Summer Doster A.K.A. KrazySlayer187!

[Note: I’m using my real name “Desmond Robinson” for the interview]

Jerry Buckholt: Thank you for having me!  This is also my first interview!

Desmond Robinson: Awesome I’m sure you’ll have more in the future, so first question: How did you come up with the comic Adam Swift?

Jerry Buckholt: Well this has been in the works for about 7 years now… I wanted to create something current and futuristic at the same time, but believable enough for you to enjoy it and also speculate. So I thought, how can we create an adventure in this day and age with all the tech and games and communication around that you would even read it?  So I decided to make a story about a thief.   It’s so hard to steal these days with all the ways to catch a person. But what if the thief is beyond that tech and in a situation where he gets caught. How does he escape it? It’s a Mission Impossible-esque story with one thing after another to keep you involved.

Art by Jerry Buckholt
Art by Jerry Buckholt

 Desmond Robinson: So it’s set in our time line or in the future? Cause it definitely sounds interesting. Also would the  character of AdamSwift be more of a hero or an anti-hero in the same vein as like Catwoman? Willing to help but may steal a little for herself or more a Robin Hood archetype?

Jerry Buckholt: A lot like Catwoman…  but forced to have a conscience due to the circumstances.   The timeline could very well be now or near future with current events and technology from the future but homage to the past when it comes to how we live. Eventually he is on the run from the world and it’s up to his cunning to find a way to get out of trouble and also save the day… even though he doesn’t want to.

Desmond Robinson: With the setting of the character and story, what was your inspiration for coming up with, dare I say…EPIC synopsis?

Jerry Buckholt: Thank you if you read it… gonna have to get on Summer for the reveal but its ok, because I’m excited too!

Summer Doster: (laughs) I haven’t shown it to anyone I promise.

Jerry Buckholt: I saw several movies and games that influenced me… I would start with anything Tarantino and Whedon, you might not compare the two but both are savvy with character driven stories. I have been a fan since Pulp Fiction and the Buffy run.  Along with the Fast and Furious movies and Mission Impossible 3 I was able to pull this idea out of my head.  I can give you all the elements but the final product cannot be mimicked.

Desmond Robinson: So normally writers tend to work by themselves in terms of their own work, how did Summer come in and help move the yet to be finish product?

Jerry Buckholt: Well I’ve known Summer for a while online and both being Joss Whedon fans and “get” his style of storytelling so of course she was the perfect match to put my ideas on paper.  I wasted a lot of time mulling this story in my head also you have to pay the bills, so most of the time in that 7 year span was life.  Finally she cracked the whip and I went to work, gave us a timeline and now we are set for hopefully releasing by September if all go well.

Desmond Robinson: Awesome, so Summer since it’s been mention and this question is for the both of you. In terms of storytelling you guys going to match Whedon’s style or a combination of your own style mixed with his? Because we all know how he love killing off fan favorites. (laughs)

Summer Doster: Whedon is a man that can’t be duplicated, but as fan of his work, I feel like you will see some witty charm in Adam Swift. Overall if will definitely be a mix up styles between us.

Desmond Robinson: So we could see or read in this case some lengthy dialog then?

Jerry Buckholt: I want to keep the dialogues in tune with the reader…  we don’t want to bore them just to build up a joke but you never know… (laughs)

Summer Doster: I know Joss is known for pretty lengthy dialogues in his comics, but I feel like I’ve tried to keep it cut back because some people find all that dialogue crammed in to be a headache. There is a lot of action in the comics and I really want Jerry’s art to drive the pages.

Jerry Buckholt: This is true.  I want you as the reader to “feel” like you are watching a movie or playing a video game and you will root for more than one character.

Desmond Robinson: Yeah was going to ask that, since you’re not only the writer/creator is also being the artist makes your overall job easier with Summer on board now than before when it was just you by yourself?

Jerry Buckholt: Absolutely.  I need someone not only to help with the workload, but to feed off the vibe of the story and make it truly ours.

Desmond Robinson: Plus we are going to get that one epic looking splash page?

Jerry Buckholt: You’ll have more than one!  We’ve got a lot of action packed into each issue you will enjoy the dynamics of each page! I am hoping to keep people on edge with each issue. This story is going to make you think about how our governments operate and relate to each other along with integrating the technologies of tomorrow into “Modern Warfare” and actually trying to neutralize that particular threat.

Summer Doster: Most definitely epic splash pages and some twists that will hopefully hook the reader and they’ll want to continue to follow Adam Swift on his journey.

Desmond Robinson: Awesome now I really can’t wait till Adam Swift releases. Right now with how the way comic books are being published on different mediums how are you two combating that problem on getting Adam Swift published? How can readers find the first issue when released?

Jerry Buckholt: Well the first thing is getting the pages done.  Once we’ve hashed out the script, I will have the pages going.  It’s definitely going to be minimal at first.  I am currently researching self-publishing methods and will be attending conventions to advertise.  I will create an avenue online for digital downloads so those who want to enjoy it can get going.  I am going traditional with the mediums as for now.  Looking for a digital colorist up to the job is my next endeavor.  I only want the best I can do when it comes to the art.  I believe Summer is the first piece in the puzzle with the right fit for the writer once we hash out the idea to what I want, I believe she can run with it. Colors will be next and then just making prints and selling online.  I want to jump on Kickstarter as well and other pages to raise money for its creation, if it helps.

Summer Doster: I think self-publishing comics is so much easier now and thankfully we will have options to explore. Comixology now offers a way to self-publish through their site and creators choosing to try a Kickstarter approach for funding. So publishing and cons is definitely something that we’ll be discussing in the near future. Creatively I think we make a great team and always seem to be on the same page as far as ideas and influences. Making the best product that we can is definitely our focus at the moment. The script is really coming together well and we hope to create a story that readers will want to keep coming back to.

Jerry Buckholt: I second that!

Desmond Robinson: Okay so I know you two are focusing on the now, but in the future where do you two see yourselves right now in terms of comics in general? Or will it be another 7 years?

Jerry Buckholt: Well I would hope to complete this series in a timely fashion because we have a run off into another story right after this one… it’s self-contained as well and ties into the end of Adam Swift ever so slightly.

Desmond Robinson: So you have an endgame plan for Adam Swift?

Jerry Buckholt: I want to be the next Jim Lee… I mean who doesn’t if you’re a comic artist?!  I have a friend, (perhaps you heard of him) Art Thibert who supports my work and just keeps telling me to get it done and go at it!  Check out his Chrono Mechanics which was fully funded and beyond from Kickstarter!  I did a piece for him which can be found on our Facebook.

Cover Art by Art Thibert

Summer Doster: Comics are a passion. I love telling stories and especially in this medium. The possibilities are endless with comics and I plan to keep writing. Jerry has a really awesome plan for a spin-off of sorts. I really hope that we get the opportunity to tell that story as well.

Jerry Buckholt: The series will definitely end.  Think Fast and the Furious.  It ends but it doesn’t have to.  Who knows in the future if we open it back up for another adventure… And they have 7 movies!  (laughs) Thus far…

Desmond Robinson: (laughs) yeah there’s been a lot

Jerry Buckholt: I think the problem today with stories is like in The Dark Knight… you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.  That is true in every way… Remember when Superman died?  Should’ve left him dead and started the New 52 then.  There are too many ideas being sullied with overexposure.  Less is more, remember??  You will have an end and maybe someday, a new beginning.

Desmond Robinson: Yeah today’s readers are on that mentality of that and I do like to see a change of that way of writing.

Summer Doster: I agree! And one of the great things about comics is that you can end a story or supposedly kill a character off. The readers can visually see the story come to life without the worry TV/movies have of worrying about bringing a character back when an actor isn’t on board anymore or wants too much money. You can always re-visit the world with the characters you want.

Desmond Robinson: For my final question some writers write their comics with the intent of it becoming a future box office action movie. Are you more focus in doing so or just focusing more of it just coming out?

Jerry Buckholt: Honestly I would not care if it ever became a movie.  I mean it could be, but I want my art to represent the look of the idea.  I want Summer’s ideas help me complete the thought.  This is definitely a comic book as far as they come.  I believe that it will be popular one day that a movie might be made but one thing at a time.  As long as the art is right and the story reflects that art, then we’re always in business and doing my best to make that excel is priority.  I have to make you think a little differently and drive you to that edge where you wonder if what you thought before was valid.  Everyone has ideas, but only few can change yours.  It will be interesting to see fan reaction once the story is out there.

Summer Doster: Yeah I agree. We’ve definitely kept our focus on the comic medium and just taking things one step at a time. Could Adam Swift translate well as a comic book movie? I say, hell yes!

Jerry Buckholt: (laughs) Once we get issue one finished, we can have others finally judge the work and hopefully it’s a good one.

Summer Doster: Yeah me too. I am definitely eager to see the reader reactions to the first issue. I was honored that Jerry trusted me to help bring his story to life and he has great ideas. I really want to see Adam Swift come to life and hook the readers.

Jerry Buckholt:  Thanks for the interview Desmond!  I look forward to more!

Desmond Robinson: And thank you for being an awesome interviewee.

To learn more about Adam Swift or just to say “What’s up?’ you can find Jerry Buckholt at and you can find our very own Summer Doster on Twitter @xTattooPrincess also be sure to check out her artwork at Geek Acrylic Fans . Plus don’t forget to follow Nerds Against the World on Twitter and Facebook! So do you know someone who should be focused on the next Spotlight? Let us know in the comment section below.


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