Zombies and Beer… Nom, nom, nom!

Some of you fortunate souls will find yourselves going to the movies this weekend. If you are one such person it would be in your best interest to go see the new release of World War Z. This new zombie movie is based off of Max Brooks’ wildly popular book of the same name. If you are a fan of the book I recommend watching this but do not go in expecting a faithful adaptation. In fact go in with the mind frame that it is nothing like the book at all, and that is not really a bad thing. Purists out there will cry foul and it is understandable, since I myself am a book purist, but this movie is stll worth your time even if it does not follow the book at all.

Just another day in LA

I was lucky enough to go to a special screening last night hosted by Mile High Horror Film Festival. It was held at The Alamo Drafthouse and is my only go to movie theatre from now on. If any of you happen to live near one you really need to go there because it is seriously awesome! You can have dinner and watch a movie at the same time! Oh and if there is that annoying chatty jackass in the audience, just report them and they can get removed from the theatre! It amazing! Did I also mention beer on tap? No? Well guess what? They have beer on tap and are more than willing to let you sample some before making your decision on what to drink before the zombie apocaplypse.

All that beer…..


Now the awesome folks from MHHFF were nice enough to provide the attendees with quite a few free goodies. There was a photo booth that let you zombie-fy yourselves in the pictures. Local zombie artists were there as well, showcasing their awesome work. They also brought out special people from Monster Makeup FX to turn the fans into zombies! It was quite disgusting and beautiful. I participated in a zombie defense tactic game of survivors vs. zombies (I was a zombie of course) which entailed zombies trying to eat survivors and survivors shooting zombies with nerf guns. They also showed three excellent short zombies films before the movie began. My favorite was called The Living Want Me Dead and I highly suggest you guys watch that because it is a well made zombie movie with a twist.

Did I mention all the free stuff?
Did I mention all the free stuff?

There was so much awesome before the show that I was all the more excited for it to begin! And once it started some disappointment set in since the movie starts at the beginning of the zombie outbreak rather than ten years down the road. But after the intial anger I was able to focus more on the movie itself and began to enjoy myself. It is a very taut thriller that pulls you in from the very beginning and does not let go. It centers around Brad Pitt and his family trying to survive this mess. He is roped back into his old job as a U.N. investigator to try and track down Patient Zero and hopefully a cure. What follows is a globtrotting trek into zombie infested areas in hopes of finding a solution. The film does hit some areas from the book but again changes them drastically. It gives little nods to the government corruption from the book but nothing really overt.

The Killing’s Mireille Enos plays Brad Pitt’s wife and she does an excellent job of conveying familiarity with him and makes you believe that these people have been married for twelve years. There is just something striking about her and you can’t help but feel for her when she is worried for Pitt’s character while trying to keep a brave face in front of their kids. Another strength of the film is how they show the immediate collapse of law and order in the face of this catastrophe. Everyone’s immediate reaction is to go to the store for food and supplies. Protect yourselves and forget about anyone else. The true face of humanity will come out in the event of all out famine or war. Kill or be killed will be the motto of the day.

Brad! Grab that Zombie spray would you?
Brad! Grab that Zombie spray would you?

The zombies in the film are well done and split into two categories: slow and fast. The slow ones definitely have a Romero-esque feel to them while the fast zombies are utterly terrifying. Bullets barely slow them down and will only stop them if you shoot them in the head, and fire can work but you have to make sure EVERYTHING is burned to ash. The fast zombies reminded me of ants swarming over food or an ant hill. They move so quickly you are over run before you know it.  Even though the film is PG-13 (sorry gore enthusiasts!) it does a great job of keeping you entertained and scared. Well maybe not scared but defintiely nervous where you can never truly relax in your seat.

Final Thoughts

While not like the book at all this movie is still worth your time. It is gripping, interesting, and will keep you entertained. The ending sets up for a probable sequel and I for one hope there is. This movie is great and just the fact that I got to enjoy it at the Alamo with MHHFF made it all the more awesome. So go out and get your zombie gear ready in preparation for this movie. And hopefully you will be able to enjoy this movie like I did with some zombies and cold beer.

Final Verdict






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