Sony’s E3 PS4 Reveal

E3 was a big success for Sony. They finally showed off their next gen console which was paired with the new Dualshock 4 controller that we saw earlier in the year.


The PS4 consoles will be region free and come packed with a 500GB hard drive. If 500GBs isn’t enough for you, Sony has stated that you will be able to remove and upgrade the hard drive. Each console will also come packaged with a Mono-chat headset for the cross-game chat that PlayStation gamers have been begging for. I thought the headset design was an odd choice because it looks just like a single ear bud, but maybe it will be sufficient for those who want to chat, but haven’t had the extra cash for a mic.

ps4 mono chat

The new Dualshock 4 is designed to have better ergonomics and be more comfortable to hold. PlayStation gamers will take notice of the missing Start and Select buttons that are classic to PlayStation controllers which have been replaced by new Options and Share buttons. The Share button will be for the obvious sharing of your game content. Now gamers will be able to share clips and videos of their game play as well as stream it live. There is also an added touch pad on the top of the controller to give the gamer new options for interacting with their games.

The console will support used games and doesn’t require an internet connection (unless you are trying to play online of course…duh!) The slight change to online play is that Sony did announce that some online gaming will require a PlayStation Plus subscription. I personally don’t think this is a bad thing because I already use Plus for the awesome free games we get every month, and now the one subscription will cover you for PS3, PS Vita, & the upcoming PS4.

Going into E3 I was terrified that Microsoft’s policies were going to be standard for next gen and Sony was going to give us the same sad news as the Xbox One’s used game policy and the online connection required. Sony didn’t though. Instead they gave us real choice. Choice to borrow a friend’s game. Choice to play our console offline. And that choice starts for $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s limited console. You can pre-order your PS4 console for $399.99, but you may want to do that fast because Sony has started that pre-order demands may exceed the supply!


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