Alienware Announces New Gaming Laptops at E3

In case you missed the announcement yesterday during all the E3 hype from Sony and Microsoft, Alienware announced a newly redesigned trio of gaming laptops. The M14, M17, & M18 models are available on their website for purchase and of couse customization. They are sleek and illuminated like you would expect an Alienware PC to look. While a lot of laptops are slimming down, don’t expect this new line to be super slim models as they look to be very durable beefy laptops starting at 6.45lbs. These bad boys come packed with a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor, 7.1 digital audio out & HDMI so you can play from your TV if you choose. All other specs seem to vary by the model. They also all come pre-loaded with Windows 7 instead of 8 so upgrading is your option. Use the Alienware software to customize your settings with shortcuts and lighting themes for each game. So if you need a new gaming laptop for all those new game releases, then check out Alienware and get ready to drop some serious cash. The new laptops start at $999 for the M14x model.

Alienware M14x model
Alienware M14x model



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