Game Like a Pro: Accessories Guide

Have extra cash that is burning a hole in your pocket? Here are eight awesome gaming accessories that could enhance your gameplay.

SquidGrip– Provides a comfortable padded surface to prevent sweaty hands and adds grip to your PS3 or 360 controllers. They are also customizable and peel on and off. Now I haven’t personally owned SquidGrip, but I’ve read a lot of reviews and never really heard anything bad about them. This is an accessory that seems to receive lots of praise in the gaming community and said to have excellent customer service. These start at $14.99.


Kontrol Freeks– Kontrol Freeks offer several attachments for your analog stick to improve performance for specific game types. They have some for FPS, racing, and for arcade style gaming. They can easily be attached to your analog sticks for PS3 and 360 controllers and are also easy to remove. Now these are said to provide comfort and ease while gaming and while that may be true for some, I have found that they do hurt my hands. I haven’t heard any male gamer friends complain, but I knew a few other female gamers that had comfort problems as well. I had the same problem with the standard 360 controller, so if you find discomfort with that controller, you might find the same with the use of the Freeks. These start at about $9.99


Gunnars– Eye wear with specific tints and coating that reduce digital eye strain for PC and console gaming. They also come in prescription glasses. If you spend all day in front of some sort of screen whether it is for gaming, everyday PC use, or watching television, then you may suffer from eye strain. These glasses might help and they start at about $69.00

Gunnars PPK model advanced gaming eyewear

Scuf controller– Scuf offers custom controllers that cater to the competitive FPS gamer. The controller offers several features that increase performance and reflexes. These controllers aren’t considered cheating like typical modded controllers. There are no rapid fire buttons, just modifications that let players play to their full potential. There are two paddles on the backside of the controller that allows you to change you button layout to the paddles. For competitive FPS players, this allows you to do multiple actions without having to take your thumb off the analog stick to hit another button. You just simply tap the configured paddle on the bottom of the controller instead. A large percentage of pro FPS gamers use these controllers (You can even buy one to support your favorite pro team such as Optic Gaming) which start at about $80-90 for basic controllers, but offers many different custom designs and colors. If you aren’t willing to spend that much, you can send in your own controller to be “scuf-ed” for a cheaper price.

Scuf Grim Reaper PS3 controller $119.95
Scuf Grim Reaper PS3 controller $119.95

Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit controller– Do you play on 360, but prefer the PS3 d-pad? Then this controller gives you that option. You can even change the weight of the controller by placing or removing weights to give you a heavy or light feel. You can switch out the faceplates to gloss or matte and both are included with the controller or you can buy other color packs. The controllers are wired and that includes the PS3 version. Not only is the PS3 version wired, but it also lacks the Sixaxis support that comes standard Sony’s Dualshock controllers. This controller is innovative with its modular customizable design and even includes a storage case for the traveling gamer, but it does have a starting price of $99. (I have seen some bundles on sale which include more swappable parts for the same $99 price tag)


Astros Gaming headsets– Are you so serious about gaming that you need one of the best headsets your money can buy? Then you’ll want to check out Astro Gaming. They make some of the best quality headsets and these very same ones are used by several pro gamers.

I personally own a pair of Astros and I love them. I tried several headsets before I finally caved and spent the money on my Astro a40 headset and it was a smart choice. Astros not only have some of the best sound quality, but also by far the most comfortable headset I’ve ever worn. The ear padding is very soft and feels like memory foam on a well-built headset. They come with multiple connector cables so that you can easily switch your headset for use with different devices. I can easily go from using my headset with my PS3 console to my laptop or cell phone. Regardless of the device you use it for, the Astro headsets really do provide superior sound quality and when paired with an Astro mixamp, you get true Dolby digital surround sound. The mixamp also lets you adjust the balance of the game and voice chat. You can even customize your headset with “speaker tags” that even include themes like Dead Space 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3. These headset bundles are made for PS3, 360, & PC and start at about $199 for a30 model.

Wired Astro A40 bundled with Mixamp $249.99
Wired Astro A40 bundled with Mixamp $249.99

Turtle Beach– Turtle Beach is a pretty popular choice for gaming headsets. It offers quality sound products with a wide range of models and prices. This is a good choice for gamers who aren’t able to drop the hefty price for the Astros. They make headsets for PS3, 360, Nintendo, & PC. Some of the models will work with multiple devices, but not all models will, so read carefully and make sure you pick a headset that will give you the features and connectivity that you require.

In my personal opinion and experience with the Turtle Beach headsets, they offer great sound, but lack the durability of Astros. I do recommend that if you purchase one of these headsets, to spend the extra for extended warranty. The headsets start as low as $30 and there are so many models that there is sure to be a model to cater to any current gen gamers needs. Turtle Beach is also partnered with Microsoft to bring you headsets for the new Xbox One.

Turtle Beach MLG PX22 universal model $79.95
Turtle Beach MLG PX22 universal model $79.95

Steel Series– While SteelSeries does offer some accessories for the console gamer, the majority of their products focus on PC gaming. They offer a wide range of mice, keyboards, and mouse pads for PC gamers. They offer keyboards with illumination for night time gaming, keys that are made to offer superior response time, and uses software to allow you to customize you gaming experience. So for PC gamers it will be worth a look to go to their website

SteelSeries Merc Steal keyboard $89.99
SteelSeries Merc Stealth keyboard $89.99

[All source pics some from the websites mentioned above.]


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