Sony PS4 Console Design Teaser

Sony gave the world a PS4 console teaser revealing some very close up pictures of the PS4 design. It is indeed a typical Sony design with its sleek black parts. The teaser also tells us that the full reveal is set to come on June 10th at 6pm PST.

As someone who loves Sony’s products, I can say that I am pretty confident that the console itself will look sexy and sophisticated as most Sony electronics do. (This is of course with the exception of the hideous new Dual Shock 4 controller.) One of the things I hate about the design elements in consoles or any other expensive electronic, is when they add the tiny grooves for detail. You all know what I am talking about right? Pretty much places that become dust collectors unless you are super OCD about keeping the electronics clean and dust free.

Does the design or color of a console matter to you? If the new Xbox and PS4 consoles came out and were pretty equal in terms of hardware and options, but one console was absolutely hideous, would you be reluctant to buy it? Seems like a silly question, but some people seem to care about looks. If I thought a console was really well made overall, I wouldn’t let the looks stop me from purchasing it, but I would be slightly disappointed.

What is more important to me is durability and how well made the console feels. I owned a Wii, a fat PS3, the first slim PS3, the white 360 pro, and the 360 slim. Out of all of the current gen consoles, the original fat PS3 and the Wii seemed to feel the most durable. Actually they were the most durable. I hated my white 360 Pro. It always looked and felt so cheap to me. It even sounded bad when I turned it on. Sorry 360 fanboys/girls!

But think about it, a new console isn’t cheap and can be a pretty big purchase for some people. So when you fork over all of your hard earned cash, you don’t want to pull the console out of the box and feel like it is a cheap hunk of poorly designed plastic. You are obviously buying it for the games and features, but you still want to take it out of the box and feel like the purchase was well worth it. I personally feel this satisfaction with most Sony products as far as the look and feel of the product.

So my fellow gamers, what do you want out of a console design? A more compact size to give you more room on the shelf? If you were designing your favorite console, tell us what you would or wouldn’t include.


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