Doctor Who “Nightmare in Silver” Review

Greetings Nerdites! Welcome to another Doctor Who review! It is getting closer and closer to the end of the season but thankfully the shows keep ramping up the awesome! After a little bit of a beginning stumble on the earlier episodes these last few have been excellently executed! Plenty of action, suspense, and Doctor shenanigans! The newest episode involves the return of the dreaded Cybermen! WARNING!!!! Full Spoilers follow! You have been warned….

Fancy a game of chess?

The episode begins pretty much as The Crimson Horror ended. Clara’s charges, Angie and Artie, have figured out about her time traveling and want in on the action. So the good Doctor decides to bring them to a nice safe easy location, the moon. But of course nothing is ever safe and easy with the Doctor. The now abandoned amusement park has some dark secrets and the Doctor and Clara aim to find out what they are. Cue the sleuthing! And of course while sleuthing bad things begin to happen. Angie and Artie are kidnapped by the Cybermen because apparently children’s minds are still developing and thus easy to upgrade. And boy have the Cybermen upgraded! Gone are the slow moving and easily destroyed Cyberman, now we have Cybermen that can run and upgrade on the go!

You will all be deleted…err…upgraded.

The Cybermen were very terrifying in this episode. I hope that means that from now on they will be more terrifying and less comical like in past episodes. Now we have Cybermen that can upgrade humans with small cyber bugs. Creepy parasitic looking creatures that can start turning you into a Cyberman as soon as they touch you. Not only that but they can take themselves apart and gain control of you with just their hands as well! There is no escaping the Cybermen!!!!! Even the Doctor falls prey to these new villains and finds himself in a battle of minds and will with the Cyberplanner, a.k.a. Mr. Clever. And oh does Matt Smith shine in this performance. He is just absolutely fantastic and brilliant in the scenes between the Doctor and Mr. Clever. He is utterly convincing as the creepy and diabolical Mr. Clever and yet vulnerable and scared when the Doctor retakes control. Those scenes were gorgeously acted and directed and were an absolute joy to watch.

One of my favorite parts of the episode was Mr. Warwick Davis, I absolutely loved his character Porridge. Of course I absolutely love Warwick Davis and have since his days as our favorite little peck, Willow. He was so adorable with a side of vulnerable as Porridge. He and Clara had excellent chemistry together and I would have totally answered yes to his question if he had asked me. But I might be just a little bit biased.

I heart Willow! I mean Porridge, I heart Porridge.

Neil Gaiman has written one of the better episodes of this season with “Nightmare in Silver.” It is definitely no “The Doctor’s Wife”, which in one of my favorite episodes, but it has continued the trend of good episodes like last weeks “The Crimson Horror.” Neil Gaiman had perfect parts of scary and whimsy that made a perfectly balanced episode. The only gripe I have is the slight romantic interest role of Clara. One: I still miss Rose. And two: He is all ready married to River Song. I want to see more of River in these episodes and I cannot wait to see what happens in next weeks season finale. What will be the Doctor’s secret? Will it be his name? I for one don’t think so because that is something I don’t think anyone should know. It makes the Doctor more fun and mysterious by not knowing everything about him. Much like wondering about the Joker the mystique, and the terror is in the not knowing.

Chess, what all evil Cyber people play.

This episode while not perfect was brilliant, fun, and gives me great hope for next weeks finale. I look forward to see what the secret is and who exactly Clara is. Will she be a clone? Or will she be herself but like Bad Wolf and scattered across the universe because of some event? Only Steven Moffat knows and we have a week to find out!

Final Verdict: 8.5/10


One thought on “Doctor Who “Nightmare in Silver” Review

  1. This was my favorite episode of Season 7 so far. It had me throughout the entire episode and as a fan of the Cybermen, i couldn’t help but love it. Whenever the Doctor is faced with a being equally as intelligent as a Timelord you know the the episode is going to be full of fun. Examples are the episodes that featured The Master, The Dreamlord and the Silence (not so much as the others but you get my point)

    Fantastic review!

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