Dead Space on the Big Screen?

Fellow Dead Space fans may be excited to hear that John Carpenter has stated his interest in doing a Dead Space movie.

The first Dead Space game set the bar really high for the horror genre of games and I think if done right, a movie could do the same. There haven’t been many horror movies in the last several years that even scared or entertained me. Other than Cabin in the Woods (from the brilliant minds of Joss Whedon & Drew Goddard), the genre has felt pretty stale. I remember when I was little I would sit on the couch on Saturday nights completely enthralled by Nightmare on Elm Street and other horror classics. Now I mostly just predict every move, roll my eyes, and feel fearless and bored.

Dead Space was the first game to scare me since the very first Resident Evil and Silent Hill games on PSone. I can picture myself sitting in a dark theater, watching eerie scenes taking place on the USG Ishimura and coming out of my seat at the first hint of a necromorph. It would be awesome. Then I’d probably be on the edge of my seat (on the inside cheering like a silly fangirl) as Isaac suits up and de-limbs those nasty necromorphs like a total boss. I geek out at the thought of seeing a plasma cutter slice through limbs on the big screen.

This also leaves me to wonder who could play Isaac Clarke. I honestly have no idea who would be best for the role. While playing the third game, you got to see much more of Isaac’s face than you previously did. I mentioned to my co-op buddy how I thought he resembled two certain actors.

Here's look at Isaac from DS3
Here’s look at Isaac from DS3
Taylor Kinney looks a lot like Isaac in my opinion.
Taylor Kinney looks a lot like Isaac in my opinion.
Certain facial expressions that Isaac made reminded me of Matthew Fox.
Certain facial expressions that Isaac made reminded me of Matthew Fox.

Before you freak out on me and scream that you think they are terrible choices, let me say that I am not saying that I think either of these guys should play Isaac. I am just saying there is a resemblance. Could either play him? Maybe. I really don’t know. This is a hard pick, but I would like someone to at least fit the looks as well as the acting. I hate when characters are totally changed for a role. There are certain big celebs that seem to get fan cast in EVERYTHING. Like if they did a movie about Samuel L. Jackson, there would be that one moron that insisted Mark Wahlberg should play the part. You guys know what I am talking about. Mark Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper aren’t made for every role America! Stop it!

So fellow horror movie and/or Dead Space fans, I want to hear your thoughts. Would you like to see a Dead Space movie? If so, who would you want to play Isaac Clarke? Sound off in the comments below!

If you want to read the original article that talks about this then click the link below:

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