Take My Money Please!

Good day Nerdites! Here we are again, another weekend cut short by Monday, and another bank account cut short by a collectible. These collectibles really need to stop being so awesome that I have to live in a cardboard box to buy them. But at least I would be surrounded by other epic cardboard boxes housing all of my pretty trinkets. Like this gorgeous babe right here:

Is there something strange in your neighborhood?

That’s right, just behold the awesomeness! I present to you in all her 1:18 scale ghostly glory, The Ecto-1. Isn’t she just a beauty? I just want to pinch her cheeks, if she had any. Brought to you from the lovely monkeys over at ThinkGeek.com, this is an officially licensed diecast replica of the iconic ghostbusting vehile. Intricately detailed with moving parts and so detailed they have four proton packs in the back seat!

Mini Proton packs, for all those mini ghosts.

She just keeps getting cuter and cuter all the time! As a fan of the movies, the only way this thing could get better was if she were a full sized drivable car. (I have seen those replica cars and I contemplate a life of crime for those bad mama jamas).  So since I cannot afford or steal a life size Ecto-1 I will just have to settle for this adorable, tiny recreation of one of the most iconic cars in all geekdom. This classy caddy clocks in at $179.99, so save up your money Ghostbusters, because this thing will definitely bust your wallet.

I gotta go call my loan officer for this thing.



2 thoughts on “Take My Money Please!

  1. Stop teasing me with things i cannot have 😥

    I have a ghost in my apartment so this would come in handy. Might scare old Ben away :p

    1. Is that ol’ Ben Kenobi haunting your place? If it is you are strong in the Force young Padawan.

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