Zombieland Series Review

Zombieland tv series pilot review. (Very mild spoilers)


I hit play to watch on my laptop and the first thirty seconds or so felt like an awkward ad. I went to see if I could skip the commercial and noticed a zombie in the background. It was kind of weird for the opening scene, but it did become slightly amusing.

Overall the actors really aren’t as bad as I thought they would be, BUT they definitely aren’t as good as the movie cast. This could be a big problem for fans of the movie. To make a series based off a movie (that wasn’t that old) and have completely different actors for those same characters is pretty distracting. If I hadn’t seen the movie, then I think the actors would be even better, but they have tough shoes to fill.

In this series I find Tallahassee (Kirk Ward) much more of a goof than Woody’s portrayal of the character and Columbus (Tyler Ross) just falls flat. Witchita (Maiara Walsh) wasn’t too bad, but Little Rock (Izabela Vidovic) didn’t seem to have much of a presence until she dropped an F-Bomb near the end and I realized she was still there. I honestly think the show might have had a better chance even with these same actors, if the cast was a completely different set of characters than the movie.


I actually got a few laughs from this episode, but if the entire formula for the series is just like the pilot then I worry this would get old real fast. I really worry about this working as a series and having any real substance beyond silly zombie kills and some moderately comedic dialogue.
There were also two things that didn’t sit right with me in this version of Zombieland.

One being that near the beginning of the episode, Tallahassee set off a huge explosion for a celebration and not a single zombie seemed to be attracted to the noise?

Two was the OnStar lady. It was funny that they received help finding the survivors this way, but just doesn’t seem realistic enough even for goofy Zombieland. By this point in the zombie apocalypse, you can’t really expect a functional OnStar service in your SUV.

I did like the fact that they kept the survival tips and narrated parts, but this series is going to need to bring more to the table than just a creative “zombie kill of the day” to keep viewers watching. I give the pilot 2.5 out of 5 stars. They need make some quick adjustments otherwise I don’t see myself watching many more episodes.

[Source: Scifimafia.com & horrorsociety.com]


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