Dead Space 3: The Co-op Experience

Finally got around to playing Dead Space 3! I wanted to share my opinions on the game now that this third installment gives Isaac a friend during his brutal fights against the necromorphs. Even If you haven’t played Dead Space 3 yet, chances are good that you’ve seen some gameplay of it. Then you’ll already know that DS3 looks great and sounds great, but maybe you wonder if it works as a co-op game? (A spoiler free review)

Hey Isaac, wanna hold hands?
Hey Isaac, wanna hold hands?

In my opinion, it does work as a co-op campaign. You can tell that the developers were really pushing for people to play this as a co-op adventure because you can’t get all the collectibles during the single player campaign. You need a buddy to achieve 100% on this game. Unfortunately, it does take away the insane horror factor that came with the first two games. Isolation in dark rooms filled with necromorphs will always be scarier than having a friend at your side as you de-limb the oncoming herds.

There were optional co-op missions that actually made it fun to play as the second player. You see things that Isaac won’t see and be required to perform takes in the mission that he can’t help you with. Unfortunately it’s only those few moments in the optional co-op missions that you ever really become (sort of) separated from your partner. I think the fear factor fans expect from the series, would have been better if they separated you from your co-op buddy more often.

The main story was a little weak in my opinion and I was much more interested in what was happening in the optional co-op mission. This was of course because I was the second player. If I was playing as Isaac, things would have been far less interesting in the optional mission. The weak story line is probably the only real negative thing I have to say about the game.

I did come across an issue where my trophy challenge progress wasn’t counting. Once night we played several chapters and my partner had accumulated a couple hundred limbs and lots of stasis kills while it said I had none. It seemed to be a one-time thing, but if you are going for trophies/achievements then I would keep an eye on your progress each chapter.

The other bonus I’ll mention is the ability to share items and blueprints with your partner. Crafting weapons in this game is actually pretty awesome. There are pre-made blueprints or you can combine parts of your choosing and then share the custom blueprint with your partner.

Overall I rate this game a 7.5 out of 10. Don’t let the co-op turn you off. Dead Space 3 is still a really good game.

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