Evil Dead: Review by Dawn!

Greetings Deadites! A hopefully fantastic weekend has come to a close and what better way to end a Sunday than by watching a group of friends become possessed by demons and kill each other off one by one! I mean that is what everyone does in their spare time right? Well if not then you should rethink some of your hobbies. But cross-stitching aside, here is our NATW review for the new remake of Evil Dead! Is it amazing? Is it fantastical? But most importantly is it groovy? Well read on my dead nerdites! Read on!


This is definitely a new vision of the original classic. It actually starts off with a bit of a twist in which we see a young women running for her life from some creepy gun wielding psychos. She is captured and strung up to a post and at this point you just know this girl is screwed. With an equally as creepy old woman muttering incantations, what happens next is pure genius and a great way to open the movie! Don’t really want to spoil it for you! Fast forward a few years and you see a new group of victims…um I mean vacationers showing up at the iconic cabin.

Just hanging out in our cabin of doom…

This time around there is no Ash and this really is not a vacation getaway. In fact it is about a brother and sister, David and Mia, who are trying to get Mia clean cold turkey style. I thought the set up for this group of friends was very well done. You can tell there is tension between the members of the group and you find out there back story little by little. It is not shoved down your throat at the very beginning but told in little bits of conversations over the course of the movie. The only person that seemed out of place was David’s girlfriend Natalie. She didn’t really do much as a character until some very iconic Evil Dead moments.

Look at the car!!! Just look at the car!!!!

Of course as soon as the group settles in that is when things get freaky. No rest for the for the curious idiots… I mean vacationers. The friends soon discover that they were not the last people to be in the lovely little cabin and realize that the last occupants were up to some crazy, freaky stuff. Or they really just did not like cats. This actually brought up another little twitch for me. The cabin looked like it has been abandoned for a really long time and yet the way the characters talk it has only been a few years since they were last there. Its not really a major sticking point, just one of those random thoughts that jump into your head and make you go hmm.


Oh the squeal I squealed upon that scene right there. Now if you found a book bound in barbed wire would you open it? Yeah I would too, and so do these guys.  And let me tell you that this version of the Necronomicon looks awesome. No there is not a screaming face but it still looks amazingly creepy and grotesque. Upon opening the flesh bound book our curious young noobs decides to ignore the obvious signs of “Do not read!” and go ahead and read the damn book. And as we all know, rainbows and ponies come streaming out of the woods to spread sunshine and happiness upon the world… Or was that the My Little Pony marathon? Well after the phonics lesson Mia is targeted for some demonic possession, even after she was trying so hard to get clean, and things just go downhill from there. One by one the group falls under the influence of the demon and it is a bloody and fantastic ride to hell.

Did you save me some popcorn?

This movie is brilliant and  is a great homage to the original movies.  From the beginning scene where Mia is sitting on Ash’s car, or a possessed hand, or an awesome chainsaw this movie has fan service galore. And it has gore galore as well. Buckets upon buckets of gore! It is an excellent remake while still maintaining its own identity. I for one enjoyed the fact that they didn’t make it a direct remake. The fact that you see Ash’s car in the movie leads me to wonder if it is, in fact, a sequel. They even used original audio recordings from the first movies so you still get to hear Professor Knowby, but just make sure you stay through the credits. Trust me, you will want to stay.

You ate all the popcorn?!?!?!?!?!

This movie is a must see for horror fans and fans of the original Evil Dead movies. It does not really have a plot much like the first one and that is fine. This movie bridges a generation between the two movies in a very excellent way. It gives fans of the original what they were hoping for in a remake and it definitely opens up the series for a whole new set of fans to discover. If you have not yet gone out and seen this movie, make sure you rectify that as soon as possible. It is a groovy experience.

Final Verdict: 9 /10


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