Doctor Who “The Bells of Saint John” Review

Good morning Nerds and Nerdettes! We have survived another April Fool’s day filled with high hopes, jokes, and gags galore! (Yes I am still mad at Think Geek for that Sauron desk lamp). Anyway, after all that hullaballoo I bring you my review of the mid-season premiere of Doctor Who! So be warned that there may be some slight spoilers in the review to follow.

Does anyone have a spoon?

Well the story begins with showing just how connected the world is to Wi-Fi and a dire warning to not use a certain Wi-Fi connection because then poof, you will disappear and not know where you are. Then it switches, a little confusingly, to Medieval times where we see The Doctor cloistered away in a monastery just painting and apparently waiting for some bells to ring. The bells it turns out is the Tardis’ phone. Which makes sense to have if you are going to be disguised as a phone box for 50 years. Lo and behold on the other line is the mysterious, I am aiming to beat Rory at how many times I can die, Clara Oswald.

Hallo! I have died twice all ready.

This one phone call then of course sets The Doctor off to find Clara and figure out who she is and what the heck is going in London. This incarnation of Clara is not a techno-wizard like the Dalek Clara but she is a nanny just like Victorian Clara. Even when the two characters are not in the same room you can see the great chemistry they are going to have together. Of course the first meeting is cut short for a wardrobe change and a creepy little girl. The wardrobe change is not that drastic for our darling Doctor. A longer jacket and a new bow tie, because those are still cool. The creepy little girl turns out to be a spoonhead which is a robot that can upload the human mind to feed some greater as of yet unknown enemy.

Alien Wi-Fi, so much faster than our own…

After The Doctor comes in and saves the day, Clara and he meet for the third time this season. The chemistry is still there and I do like this new companion. She is just as fast a talker as The Doctor and definitely fits the bill of a companion that can keep up with him. She also calls the Tardis a snog box for crying out loud! After averting a plane crash The Doctor grabs his trusty motorcycle and goes off to find out who these people are and how they can control the world.

Joyriding on the Antigrav motorcycle.

This time around Clara has become techo-savvy from her time in the interwebs and is hacking around trying to find the source of the signal while The Doctor is getting bombarded by random people all being controlled by this evil force. I won’t spoiler anymore after this point just in case any of you have not seen the episode because I hate “spoilers”. See what I did there? 

This was a good episode but not one of the best. I didn’t really understand how The Doctor ended up in a monastery when the last time I saw him he was leaving Victorian times to search for Clara and the ending was sadly predictable. A lot of the stuff seemed re-used from other movies and shows like the Wi-Fi scrolling words was straight from Moffat’s own awesome Sherlock, and the creepy scene with the big bad talking through different people was lifted from the terrifying movie Fallen with Denzel Washington. It was by no means a terrible episode, we did get to see The Doctor do his crazy, zany antics again, and it was a nice opening intro for Clara and her mystery. Who the heck is she? Are all her incarnations the same? Do they all have an obsession with souffles? Just who or what is the computer alien virus thing? And why can’t we see the rest of the Tardis?! I want to see the garage and the bunk beds dammit! While not the best premiere ever it still left me wanting it to be Saturday all ready so that I can explore some more with The Doctor.

Final Verdict: 7/10

Thank-you, thank-you! I will be here all season!



2 thoughts on “Doctor Who “The Bells of Saint John” Review

  1. I rather enjoyed this episode! Though, i felt like there was no other way to do this episode other than recycle a few older things. I was also surprised with the ending as well seeing as i did my research before hand about the big baddie at the end so i was rather excited to see him come around.

    1. Yes it was not a bad episode, but definitely not one of the better ones. I am just excited for more Clara!

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