5 Well Known Comic Book Characters That Should Die……And Stay Dead

Death in comic books are fairly common, but sometimes have a purpose. Like recently the death of Damien Wayne the son of Batman and the latest Robin to bite the dust. The reason the death of Damien was so gut punching was the connection this kid had with the DC Universe in his six years in the public eye, yes his appearance was short but, it still hurt more than the death of someone like Wolfsbane or Happy Hogan. Though there are deaths that needs to happen, characters that maybe wore out their welcome and just plainly need to go six feet under ground. The five character’s I’ve chosen may upset you, but think about it should they really need to be around any further?

5. Professor X.


Professor Charles Xavier for as long as I can remember, besides the Phoenix (Jean Grey) Xavier is brought back in some form of fashion. Now in the recent X-Men Vs. Avengers SPOILER!!! He was killed by his own former student now turned villain Cyclops.


So if he’s truly dead then let him stay dead. So far we already the Professor is a hypocrite when it comes to handling mutant and human affairs, and he’s created the mutant killing, sentient thinking killer cyborg Danger. Yes the Danger Room came to life to kill every single X-Man member. Why should he stay dead? Right now in the X-books there’s more chaotic shenanigans happening more than even and guess what? Prof. X is only a afterthought, and that should stay that way.

4. Rick Grimes


Robert Kirkman once said he envisioned The Walking Dead as one big zombie movie that never ends, and that anyone could die even Rick. Well I guess its time to put pen to paper and make it happen, now I do love the character Rick Grimes and his struggle to keep his son Carl and his group alive. How about killing him off in a sort of heroic way and letting Carl be the lead character from now on? Let’s see what happens to the Survivors without the “Ricktatorship”, I feel it would make for  a very interesting read and tug on the fans emotional hearts.

3. Commissioner James “Jim” Gordon


If there’s any DCU character that when into a situation and came out physically unharmed, but morally scarred that would be Commissioner Gordon. He’s Batman’s real partner in the term of “Dynamic Duo”, but he doesn’t operate outside of the law like the Batman and the other heroes that runs around Gotham City.  So here’s a thought in all of the years of Batman the only thing that comes to mind, from a few close calls that Gordon been in, the one that still burns in my brain is Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, when the Joker did unspeakable things to Barbra Gordon/Batgirl in front of the Commish. Even though it would seem out of character of Commissioner Gordon, how about him never forgetting what the Joker has done and he was just buying his time until he had the chance to finally kill the Crown Prince of Crime. Plus his death would hold much weight and meaning just as much as Damien Wayne.

2. Cyclops


For years it has always seems that Marvel was going to turn the X-Men last remaining “true boy scout” the villain and after years of his questionable orders, giving Wolverine and his team the X-Force orders to kill anyone that threatens the last remaining mutants in the world even though they too are mutants. After and willing to be taken over by the Phoenix Force, everything Scott Summers has done in Avengers Vs. X-Men (see number 5) There’s no redemption for Cyclops and the only ending I actually see for him is to die at the hands of his former X-Men teammates.

draft_lens19006571module159878184photo_1340373083a_00_0 Yeah no coming back from what he’s done.

1. Aunt May.


May Riley Parker-Jameson, is the quintessential auntie in the Marvel Universe, but also Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s existent. Why should Aunt May bite the big one? Well if it wasn’t for her being sick then Peter won’t have almost died trying to get the cure for her illness, if it wasn’t for her being shot Mary-Jane and Peter wouldn’t have gone to Mephistopheles for help and effectively erasing their marriage in the first place. The list can go on and on but at the end of the day or panel Aunt May is the biggest distraction for Peter and if she wasn’t almost every writers cannon fodder we wouldn’t have gotten this:


Whoops! Wrong one…..


Bingo! The image here is from Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter was unmasked in front of his neighborhood and Aunt May, to whom Green Goblin was trying to kill. Now was it her fault? No. But if you look at the panel you do have a reason why Peter put himself in harms why instead of the other way around. I really feel we can benefit from a more grief stricken, sometimes cold and cynical Spider-Man if Aunt May actually died and not finding a way out in keeping her alive.

Well those were my top 5, What are yours? Do you agree or disagree? Hit the comment section below.  Also be sure to stay tuned to Nerds Against the World for more Top 5 goodness.

(Photo Sources: comicvine.com, thewolfmonster.deviantart.com, live.hollywoodjesus.com and www.primaryignition.com)


7 thoughts on “5 Well Known Comic Book Characters That Should Die……And Stay Dead

  1. Xavier: I’ll agree. He’s become irrelevant today. And frankly, he always had the wrong method for carrying out his dream. If there’s going to be be coexistence between humans and mutants, then humans need to see mutants living among them peacefully, not hiding away and only popping up to cause massive property damage.

    Cyclops: No. No. A thousand times, no. Scott is awesome right now. He’s a deep, compelling character. He’s made mistakes, but everything he’s done has been to help his people. He’s made some questionable decisions, but he made them at a time when the mutant race was on the verge of extinction, and he did the best he could under the circumstances. And most mutants seemed to agree, at least until Schism. No, Scott needs to stay alive. And honestly, redemption? For what? For keeping mutants alive after M-Day? For being possessed by the Phoenix Force after Iron Man and the Avengers tried to blow it up? For trying to make the world a better place while possessed? For using the Phoenix Force to fight back when the Avengers attacked the X-Men in their home with the express purpose of abducting a minor under Scott’s care? For being driven mad by a combination of the Phoenix Force corrupting him and the continued attacks of the Avengers and, at the end, the X-Men? Including his father figure, who showed up just to attack Scott? Yeah, Scott has nothing to make up for. He was a victim.

    Aunt May: I would disagree with your use of the Death of Ultimate Spider-Man as justification for killing May, because that was an amazing story, beautifully told, and wonderfully heartwrenching. If that’s what we can expect of May living, then keep her alive, because it was just such a great story. I wouldn’t object to Aunt May permanently dying. But I’m one of those people who has no problem with change in comic books, and with characters growing and maturing.

    1. The Ultimate Spider-Man was just one of my reasons, for why May should bite it, but it does seem like I’m trying to use that as a main focus. Well thanks reading.

  2. Hmm, I can agree on all but Cyclops. The possession was forced upon them when Iron Man struck the Phoenix which was meant to take Hope as the host. And the most recent Uncanny X-Men showed him embarrassing the Avengers in front of the whole world since many view him as a hero and the only thing they could possibly pin on him was the death of Professor X who still wouldn’t have had to step in if they weren’t possessed.

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