Take My Money Now!!!

Hello Nerds and Nerdettes! Today is a great day to be a nerd, because what I’m about to show you all is a whopping 45-inch EVA foam blade, that very well looks like Final Fantasy’s Cloud Strife’s Master Buster sword from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. On sale at Think Geek this “Titan Foam Blade” is over Five feet long! FIVE FEET!!!

Pose for me darling.

Did I mention the Titan Blade has its own LED lights built into the sword? No. Well here’s the product information:

    • Blue LED lights on the blade and pommel
    • Materials: EVA foam
    • Batteries: 2 AA (not included)
    • Package: Box with carry handle, perfect for carrying to a convention! Sword splits into two pieces for easy packing and transport. This product comes in a ship-alone box.
    • Dimensions:
      • Total length: 60.5″
      • Blade length: 45″
      • Handle length: 15.5″
      • Hilt width: 10″

My nerd rager just sprang into action! Now is this a must buy? for only 80.00 dollars (plus tax and shipping) HELLS yes this beauty is a buy! My official score for this 10 out of 10.

(Photo Source: Thinkgeek.com)


One thought on “Take My Money Now!!!

  1. It things like this that make me want to live in the States with a well functioning credit card!! I hate ThinkGeek. I shoves a bunch of beautiful stuff at my face but i can never touch them U_U

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