Y: The Last Man Fan Cast

I’ve been a fan of Brian K. Vaughn for several years and definitely excited for Y: The Last Man on the big screen. It’s taken a long time for me to get around to finishing the series, but it has been a great read. I decided to do a fan cast for some of the characters. Enjoy and comment to let me know who you would like to see play these characters!

Yorick Brown- Emile Hersch


Hero Brown- Jennifer Lawrence (We already know this Hunger Games star can hold a bow)


Agent 355- Gina Torres (Firefly proves she can be the tough fighter required for 355)


Dr. Mann- Kelly Hu


Victoria- Rachelle LeFevre


Beth Deville- Amanda Seyfried


Beth #2- Kristen Bell


Rose- Phoebe Tonkin (With the proper hair style, this hot aussie actress could def play Rose)


[Pic sources were imdb.com, fanpop.com, & comicvine.com]




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