5 Things Marvel Studios Should Consider

With Iron Man 3 releasing in 6 weeks, Thor releasing this November and Captain America will do battle with the Winter Soldier next year; Then the mighty Avengers will once again save the world from a unstoppable force trying to kill us all!!! But It’s all well and good that we’re getting Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, but what about the real superheroes like, Daredevil, Heroes for Hire, Black Panther, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and others that comic book fans actually care about and no Doctor Strange will not be involved on this list either. Now I love Marvel putting all their eggs in different baskets but, every non comic book reader should at least discover other superheroes besides the ones we see prominently in the comics and movies today, so here’s five helpful tips Marvel should consider.

5. Give the Devil his due…..(Again.)


Daredevil Marvel’s street level hero, straight out of Hell’s Kitchen, NY. Why Marvel need’s to make him a fixture in their Cinematic Universe? Well the Man Without Fear, is “due” to have a more faithful adaptation of his comics. After that FOX fumbled the ball in trying to get a sequel off the ground, further more they tried to turn Daredevil into a 1970’s action flick. Uh no. What worked for X-Men shouldn’t be copied for Daredevil. So now that Marvel obtained the rights to their own damn hero, maybe they can do the man justice, with a series of Marvel Knights movies? Speaking Marvel Knights…….

4. Heroes for Hire


When I think about Heroes for Hire it’s Luke “Sweet Christmas” Cage and Iron Fist, these two heroes are like the heart and soul of the Marvel Universe and both are pretty much badasses, when they’re together. Now to introduce both characters is to do what Marvel did with Iron Man as a jumping on point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so introduce them you have to start with Iron Fist since the character Danny Rand grew up in the mystical temple of K’un L’un and have his adventures in the temple as an origin movie for him, then introduce Luke Cage the hero, through the years in Marvel Comics became an instant beloved character for comic book fans. Also as the Heroes for Hire movies continues they can introduce Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, two of the most badass women of Marvel, potentially Heroes for Hire could be set up as a superhero style Expendables movie,if Marvel had the gumption to do it.

3. Mysticism in the MCU? YES!


Now everyone already knows that Marvel is planning on bring the Sorcerer Supreme to the big screen, but if Marvel is so interested in bring Mysticism to the screens, then why not explore it further in other movies like, Thor; With character’s like Valkyrie, Loki’s daughter Death and Surtur which have yet to be introduce to movie goers how about bring these characters to light, even as I mentioned before Iron Fist grew up in a mystical temple, even Black Panther has traces of mysticism in his origins. Speaking of Black Panther…..

2. Black Panther the Movie Needs to Happen Sooner Rather than Later.


Like him or not The King of Wakanda was only reference briefly in Iron Man 2 on Nick Fury’s globe wall interface thingy. Last year Marvel Studios co-president said that making a Black Panther movie would be too hard to make and a difficult character to bring to the screens. My only response to that is…Was Thor too hard? is making Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy too hard? No. So why is it too hard for them to make Black Panther? T’Challa has a rich history and background that would make for a great origin movie, think about it a young T’Challa sent away from his homeland to receive a better education, but thrust back home when his father T’Chaka is killed and thus propels T’Challa’s journey noble Avenger. The reason a Black Panther movie needs to happen sooner is because, yes we have Falcon and War Machine, but they’re just secondary characters that are just now being propelled into first string status, but Black Panther already had that and I feel Marvel is just bringing him to second string status, plus Marvel could really use some form of  diversity in its Superhero movies.

1. More Diversity Please!!!


Now when I more diversity that doesn’t just mean race, but also women. So far the only women who graced their appearance in these recent superhero movies was Black Widow, Lady Sif and Peggy Carter, but where’s the powerhouses like Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Ronin, Wasp? As much it is important for kids of different minorities to see more ethnic heroes, why not girl young girls heroes to look up to. Yes there’s already wealth of young girls and women dressing up as Captain America, Iron Man/Woman, Thor and others that would take up the rest of this article, it’s not only up to Marvel to spotlight these ass kicking ladies but it’s our duty as Nerds/Geeks to kick Marvel in  the nads and tell them what needs to be done.

(Pics sources: Marvel.com, comicbookmovie.com, mellywade.divadiscussion.tv)


7 thoughts on “5 Things Marvel Studios Should Consider

  1. Black panther…for sure
    They should find a new face
    I want to see technology way beyond
    Tony starks….as far as wakanda goes
    people don’t want to see dirt roads and huts… Marvel better to do their homework on this project…. don’t have t
    Challa going in the closet put in on his suit like Batman… if you’re familiar with spawn the movie… you should start from there

    1. I don’t think a nano-tech Black Panther suit would work, or anything that resembles Spawn’s suit. Thank for commenting.

      1. hiro, do your homework on comics (and in English classes) before you write again please. Wakanda is uber technologically advanced in the comics, and black panther (and his suit) embody that. Not only would it work, it would be accurate as well. Thank you for reading.

      2. I can admit that I’m not well verse in the rich history that is Black Panther comics. Though you may also agree that there are many, or multiple versions of the Black Panther costume. T’Challa do or rather did have one suit that wasn’t made of nano tech and yes Wakanda is the most technological land ever. Thank YOU for reading.

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