Mass Effect Citadel DLC Second Opinions!

Almost exactly one year to the day that Mass Effect 3 released, Bioware gave us our final foray into the wonderful universe they created. Throughout the year we had a steady flow of DLC from them including a whole lot of free multiplayer packs. After three good story expansions,  we end the series off with some tequila, gambling, and of course friends.

The best way to begin this DLC is to load up one of your saves just before you attack the Cerberus base. It is really the easiest and best way to experience it. The Citadel is made to be the final mission you go on before the end game and do yourself a favor and make sure to play it last. The mission, of course, begins with an email from Admiral Hackett demanding that you take a break. He says to go to Anderson’s apartment and just take a breather and recharge before the big fight.

On the next episode of Cribs…

Just look at all the shiny! Of course you walk into the galaxy’s most amazing apartment all to yourself! (Or all to FemShep and Kaidan) Anyway you have some time to explore your new awesome digs and then you get an email from Joker to meet for dinner. Head on over to everyone’s favorite sushi and chat it up with your buddy. Of course that is when all the fun begins and you are first introduced to the bouncy, nerdy Maya Brooks.

Not too long after that explosions and gunfire abound and you are on your own with just your pistol and your wits. The majority of The Citadel is you trying to uncover a plot to kill Commander Shepard. (I mean really? Why do these bad guys even try? Did they not pay attention to the last three games? Even dying doesn’t kill Shepard!) I don’t want to go into the story too much because that is just part of the charm and fun of the game is figuring it out yourself. But needless to say it brings back Wrex as a squad member and that was just the best for me because I have been a big fan of Wrex since the first game. Not only does Wrex come back but the whole team is out to help Shepard. And that is where this DLC truly shines. The camaraderie and bickering back and forth between everyone invokes the great buddy cop movies of yore. The action is still top-notch and you do meet some new enemies, but they pretty much just reminded me of different Cerberus troops.

You even get to dress up!

Once the battles and explosions are over you are not even close to being done! There is a whole new area to explore, gambling to be made, friends to meet, and a party to be had. You need to find the party supplies and meet up with some friends. And this is another area of where the The Citadel shines, it is just great to run around and talk to your friends because you run into them at different areas and each playthrough is a different experience. It is worth playing again and again just to get the different dialogue between characters. One party I had Garrus and Zaeed were rigging up my Shepard’s apartment at different areas to deter would be assassins. In another Zaeed spent most of the night trying to get into Samara’s armor.

Or you know, Kasumi getting into your panties…

In the end The Citadel is a fantastic way to end the series because it showcases what is most important about it, your friends. It is a bittersweet love letter to the fans and a treasure trove of  awesome around every corner. It was also bittersweet because we recently lost the fantastic Robin Sachs and listening to the banter between Zaeed and the crew just reminded me of the loss. But even with that it still was fantastic to get one last go with my friends. (Especially since my FemShep kicked Vegas ass at pull-ups) The only gripe I found was the random recording from Mordin. It was a great recording but just felt like it was randomly thrown in there for sake of “final goodbyes.”

Good times, with good people.

My final verdict on The Citadel is that it is a must buy for anyone playing this series. It is a perfectly bittersweet ending to a series that has been bittersweet itself. I am a fan and this DLC does great fan service to us all. Please do yourself a favor and go out and buy it, you really won’t regret it.

Final score: 9.5/10 not quite perfect but pretty damn close.


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