FPS Tips for Beginners

Not everyone is a fan of FPS games, but sometimes people steer away from the genre because it can be overwhelming for a new player. I remember my first online shooter was shortly after I purchased my first PS3. The game was Resistance: Fall of Man and I eagerly jumped into multiplayer alone without a clue what I was doing. I didn’t have a mic or any knowledge of the game modes. I had experience with the campaign, but that didn’t get me very far. I would spawn in with my noob rank, be overwhelmed by the large maps, and I became any easy target. I slowly got more familiar with the maps and started to catch on, but overall I was still terrible. Then one day I came across another female gamer in a match lobby and she invited me to play with her as well as join her RFOM clan. I learned a lot and became a decent player over the lifespan of that game. I can only hope you find this article as helpful as my friend was to me.

You don't want to be that poor guy on bottom!
You don’t want to be that poor guy on bottom!

Okay so you’ve picked up a multiplayer FPS game that you want to try, now what? A big key to success is communication and teamwork. So grab a mic and find some people to play with! Games like Call of Duty, Halo, & Gears have a massive fan base and you can easily search online to find an active gaming community to join.

You’ll want to make sure that you get comfortable with the games controls. You’ll also want to customize your class/load out to suit the appropriate game modes. Certain perks and attachments can be beneficial for game modes such as Capture the Flag. Some games even try to be noob-friendly, such as Call of Duty’s Black Ops 2 which allows you to you start out in a boot camp against AI bots. I do recommend this to not only give you an idea of how multiplayer flows in that particular game, but also to help you become familiar with the maps. When I jump into a new FPS game I like to work around the outskirts of the maps until I become more familiar. I never run recklessly out into the open.

So now you have your mic, your team, and your classes set, now what? As you play with your team you can all use callouts which are essentially just short names for major landmarks or hot spots on the map. (Such as a color of a building) Keep it quick and simple. If you are given a mini map in game then you should make use of it. The mini map seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people I’ve watched play Call of Duty and get shot in the back because they didn’t pay attention to the map! It can be a great tool for not only showing enemies, but also locating where your teammates are positioned. If you see a nearby teammate get killed that means you need to watch your back and hopefully they gave you a callout.

When you move around the map make sure you move from cover to cover. If you just blindly rush out into the open then you will most likely get picked off by an enemy. Don’t rush around corners either. Aim down your sights and move cautiously around corners so that you’ll be ready for any enemies that may be waiting on you. Make wise use of any equipment you have such as stuns and grenades. I like smoke grenades for help capturing areas of a map and stun grenades for slowing down the enemy in Capture the Flag modes. So get to know the equipment available in the game and how it can be useful for specific situations. Create your own strategies and play smart!

Hope these basic tips have been helpful for anyone eager to venture into the world of multiplayer first-person shooters!

Go from noob status to vet!
Go from noob status to vet!

[Photos from Gamervets.com and ArtworksHollywood.blogspot.com]


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