Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC Review

Last week Bioware gave it’s millions of fans an downloadable content that was odd, goofy, sad, emotional and over 5GB worth of awesomeness. The DLC starts off with you getting a message from Admiral Hackett stating that with the morel of the Normandy’s crew and much needed repairs of the SR-2, Hackett suggests that Commander Shepard and crew take a shore leave.

Right off the bat you’re surprise that every voice actor and actress from Mass Effect’s history returns to reprise their roles, well only those who actually was with Shepard on his many “Suicide” missions, plus it (SPOILER) sucks that Dr. Chakwas wasn’t there in the DLC I always felt that she was an integral part of Commander Shepard’s team. Now I’m a hopeless romantic and I love the interactions you have with your relationship choices, and that’s what was absolutely awesome about the Citadel DLC, it was the fact and you can tell that the Bioware writers were putting blood, sweat and tears in this aspect of the DLC. I actually felt satisfied with my relationship option Miranda Lawson (Voiced and model after actress Yvonne Strahvoski) With Miranda and i’ll try not to spoil too much, but with her character you actually feel as a gamer who may have invested too much time in to Mass Effect, but you feel actually touched that this once cold hard bi**h wants a actual relationship with your Commander Shepard.

My forever lady
My forever lady

Now not everyone’s play through would be exactly the same, but I think that what makes these Mass Effect games so great and with the addition of this propels it to epic status. Now besides the relationship side story to this DLC, the main focus is someone is trying to steal Commander Shepard’s identity, his life and everything that makes him the best damn soldier in the galaxy. Now depending on who you kept alive through all three games determines who actually would be in the DLC, like for example if Garrus was dead in Mass Effect 2, he wouldn’t really be a main character in this DLC, same goes for fan favorite Wrex Urdnot, if you didn’t keep Ashley from shooting him on Virmire in Mass Effect 1 then no Krogan bomb drop in this DLC.  Every single character shines, from Commander Shepard being worried sounding like a monotone soldier, Zaeed’s obsession with a arcade game and finally a return appearance of Tali’s drunken alter ego.

Garrus you dance divinely.

My only gripe with the Citadel DLC, is that it’s out of place with the other DLC’s that Bioware have released for Mass Effect 3. With Leviathan focusing on a ancient Reaper, that can potentially tipping the balance in Shepard’s favor and the second DLC Omega in which you’re helping Aria T’Loak take back her space station Omega from Cerberus forces. Both of those DLC’s were and very much are dark in comparison to the Citadel mission, plus if you start the DLC too early you wouldn’t be able to get the full experience of saying goodbye to your favorite teammates. You actually either have to activate this DLC right before you take on the Cerberus base or after you completed Mass Effect 3 and start from the autosave the game does for you after the final battle, you have with the Reapers.

With the minor gripe of the tone and what you actually have to finish before actually accessing this DLC, Mass Effect 3: Citadel give me the same level of emotions I got at the end of TellTale Games  The Walking Dead game. This DLC is a true fan service from start to finish, if I was to rate this DLC I would give it a 9 out 10, a perfect end to a near perfect game.

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