Welcome To Nerds Against the World!!!

Welcome! Ladies and Gents to NERDS AGAINST THE WORLD!!! This little gem of the interwebs started as a series of vlogs chronicling bloggers of the world. The idea to do a series was trying to help bring the online social blogging site  MyIGN together and to let new and current bloggers to know who’s out there and who  you should  checkout and follow. Now here’s a video of a very old Nerds Against the World video clip: 

Wow weird seeing that huh? Well you can expect more of that in the coming months, this includes podcasts, vlogs, original articles, tons of guests, spotlighting conventions like Emerald City Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con,and the upcoming Los Angeles Anime Expo 2013! We here at N.A.T.W. are true to form nerds, fanboy/girls, (Doctor) Whovians, Whedonites, whatever gets your nerd motors revving you can be sure we’ll cover it. So if you’re new to the nerd world you’ll be taken care of, and don’t worry we here at Nerds Against the World don’t discriminate its all about the nerd love (Wow that ain’t weird.)

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